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Micro auto driving simulator Petite Adventure speeding onto Switch

Micro auto driving simulator Petite Adventure speeding onto Switch

Ever wondered what it would be like to shrink you and your vehicle down and speed around your house at floorboard breaking speeds, well now you don’t have to.. Introducing: Petite Adventure.

Joining other great Switch driving games, this game involves driving tiny cars around a house and completing fun objectives. Popping balloons, playing golf and collecting coins are all on offer, as well as general level exploration which should definitely add some play time.

The trailer shows off a multitude of vehicle options including:

  • Sports Cars
  • Police Cars
  • Family Cars
  • School Buses
  • Lorries
  • RVs
  • Limos

Then take all of those and add a laser to their roofs or a spiked mace on a chain trailing behind you. Across 32 levels arranged by difficulty the cars and their accessories alone should keep Petite Adventure interesting. If you were looking for some cute joycons to accompany the game check out this review from Chelly,

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  • Cute tiny cars
  • 32 Levels
  • Different mechanics (drift, pop balloons, play golf, and more)
  • 3D cute graphics

Where to pickup Petite Adventure for your Switch

  • UK – £3.99 (20% off right now)
  • US – $3.99 (20% off as well)

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