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Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for Nintendo Switch Review

Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for Nintendo Switch Review

kiwee master case sling bag

We have reviewed a few bags here on Nintendo Link, but now it is time to test the new Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for Nintendo Switch! The Master Kase Sling Bag claims to be “an always-on-the-ready eco-friendly bag must-have for hardcore Switch gamers, offering unmatched protection, organized storage, and a built-in gaming stand for your Nintendo Switch and/or OLED system”, so is this true?

Let’s find out in our Nintendo Link review of the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for Nintendo Switch!

kiwee master kase sling bag
kiwee master kase sling bag
kiwee master kase sling bag
kiwee master kase sling bag

The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag comes in a lovely package. What we received here at Nintendo Link were two boxes, one containing the sling bag and the other containing the Velcro dividers to place inside for sufficient organization of your Switch console and accessories.

One of the cool things I noticed right out of the box are the side straps that allow me to compress or expand the bag to my liking. If you look at the gallery above, one image shows the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag at its most compressed state while the other illustrates just how tall you can make it. This is an excellent feature, because it allows you to customize the size of your bag depending on the contents you are carrying with you.

The dividers, also known as the Arc Organizer, are wonderfully designed and allow for some pretty unique organization. The smallest rectangle piece combined with the trapezium piece is a stellar combination that can protect your Pro Controller while in the bag with other accessories. This is some amazing design, and it is something that is not present in the majority of bags uniquely designed for the Switch.

As for how much product you can place inside of the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag, well, that depends on you and your desired needs. The Switch actually slides under the bag in a slot designed specifically for the system, and it is incredibly secure to make sure your Switch console is protected. That means the bag itself is open for all of the other accessories, like wires, headphones, Pro Controller, mobile battery pack, and more.

Unfortunately, the bag is not designed to bring everything, and that means you cannot bring the dock alongside the other accessories very easily. However, it is possible to get the dock inside the bag with a few other things, but it is simply not possible without possibly damaging the dock to hold both it and the Pro Controller at the same time.

Another brilliant feature is that when the bottom of the bag is unzipped, it can turn into a comfortable stand for your Nintendo Switch system, so not only is it a protective space for your Switch console while traveling around but it also serves as a great place to play while on the go. There is even a set of three tabs to lift up and hold your Switch while playing this way (See below), and underneath this is a sleeve to house some Switch game cartridges.

kiwee master kase sling bag

Honestly, this is one of the most versatile carrying bags for the Nintendo Switch that I have ever used. Like previously shared, it houses the Switch console underneath in quite the strong way, has a large center pouch area for accessories (e.g. dock, Pro Controller, headphones, etc), and has two small outer zipper pockets to hold wires and smaller accessories.

Now let’s talk about the price. The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag alone is $99 USD and $119 USD with the Arc Organizers. However, it is currently on pre-order sale for $69 USD and $79 USD respectively. The pre-order discount is fantastic, so please jump on that while you can.

However, at the full price, I can understand if this is intimidating. Be rest assured, though, the Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag is fan-freakin’-tastic! This is not only a damn-near perfect carrying bag for your Nintendo Switch and accessories, it is also a stylish sling bag that is great to use even with everyday items like phones, wallets, makeup, snacks, and more. As much as I love using this for my Nintendo Switch, I found myself using it more for casual outings and received tons of compliments from friends and strangers about how sleek and beautiful the bag looks.

The Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag for Nintendo Switch is one of the best carrying bags out there at the moment. It is masterfully designed, looks great in both its white and black styles, and it is as versatile as a bag gets.

If you are looking for the perfect bag for your Switch and its accessories but also want something to carry other items around, too, look no further and jump on this top-tier product while the pre-order prices are still in place.

Kiwee Master Kase Sling Bag Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: Kiwee
Release Date: PRE-ORDER NOW, Shipping Begins August 15th, 2023
Price: $99 USD (Pre-order $69 USD), w/ Arc Organizer $119 USD (Pre-order $79 USD)


Beautiful and sleek design

Perfect access to everything thanks to specific slots

Carries Switch and many accessories with no problem

Serves as a great casual bag without the Switch

Bottom casing for Switch is very protective and can serve as a stand


Can't house both Pro Controller and Dock simultaneously

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