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Fire Emblem Engage is one of the most anticipated games of the year for the Nintendo Switch. That’s thanks in part to the series’ compelling strategic combat. However, it is also due to the long legacy of characters that will be in the game. They are Fire Emblem Engage emblems that will assist you in battle. Here are all of the characters we know will be emblems in the game.

Every One of the Fire Emblem Engage Emblems At Launch

Fire Emblem Engage Emblems Marth
Image via Nintendo

Fans can delight in the roster of characters that have become Fire Emblem Engage emblems as they span from all over the legendary series. Favorites like Marth and Roy are included, for example. Here are all of the Fire Emblem Engage emblems in this strategy RPG from day one:

  • Male Byleth (Three Houses)
  • Celica (Gaiden)
  • Female Corrin (Fates)
  • Eireka (The Sacred Stones)
  • Ike (Path of Radiance)
  • Leif (Genealogy of the Holy War)
  • Lucina (Awakening)
  • Lyn (The Blazing Blade)
  • Marth (Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light)
  • Micaiah (Radiant Dawn)
  • Roy (The Binding Blade)
  • Sigurd (Genealogy of the Holy War)

DLC Emblems

Fire Emblem Engage Emblems DLC
Image via Nintendo

After the release of the game, there will be Fire Emblem Engage emblems that will be available as DLC. In fact, there’s an expansion pass you can get for the game. Here’s everyone we know so far, who will be a part of this expansion pass:

  • Claude (Three Houses)
  • Dmitri (Three Houses)
  • Edelgard (Three Houses)
  • Tiki (many different games)

Likely Characters As Emblems For Fire Emblem Engage

Chrom Fire Emblem Engage
Image via Nintendo

So far, those are all the characters we know that will be Fire Emblem Engage emblems. However, there are a few more waves of the expansion pass to go that will reveal new emblems.

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One we can think of is Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening. He has been featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a playable character and is one of the most popular heroes in the series. It is also possible that we’ll see Robin, the mage from that game and the player’s avatar.

We could also see Hector from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade, who fights alongside Lyn.

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