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Peach vs Daisy vs Rosalina vs Pauline: The Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle

Peach vs Daisy vs Rosalina vs Pauline: The Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle

princess battle

It is time for the Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle! Normally in the Versus Series, we pin two things against each other, but this time we are doing things a little differently. In classic Fatal 4-Way rules, four princesses will enter the battle but only one will exit.

Sure, I am fully aware that Pauline is not a princess, but she has been a damsel and her status as a Mayor elevates her. These four women are the toughest within the Super Mario universe, so it only makes sense to know which one would destroy the others in a no-holds-barred battle.

Without further ado, it is time for the Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle! Who do you think will come out on top? Let’s find out!

4-way princess battle

To start things off, we need to go over the sizes of these four women. Now, I understand if you look at the picture above, Pauline and Rosalina look massive, but I assure you, the above picture is deceiving, as the following numbers are official:

Rosalina is 7’3″ (221cm), 231lbs (105kg)

Peach is 5’7″ (170cm), 132lbs (60kg)

Daisy is 5’2″ (159cm), 110lbs (50kg)

Pauline is 5’7″ in Odyssey (170cm), 135lbs (61kg)

With those size comparisons in mind, Rosalina has the clear advantage on height and weight, but that does not always mean an automatic win. Peach has been through a lot in her lifetime, Daisy is a scrappy little fighter, and Pauline is the OG, surviving being kidnapped by Donkey Kong all of those years ago.

Now that the measurements have been established, it is time for the Princess Battle!

princess battle

The 4-Way Princess Battle

Things start off slow, as the four women square off. Daisy is the first to act, as she rushes towards Pauline for the sneak attack. Pauline is too busy focusing on Rosalina and misses out on Daisy incoming, and Daisy ends up taking Pauline’s left leg out with a damning missile dropkick straight to the knee. Pauline is down, and Daisy is going to town punching her in the face.

In the meantime, both Peach and Rosalina are in shock by Daisy’s ruthless behavior, but they realize that a fatal 4-way is an every person for themselves fight. Peach throws a Toad at Rosalina, and Rosalina throws Luma at Peach. They both dodge the incoming projectiles, but Peach uses her parasol to shoot towards Rosalina for the sucker punch. Rosalina does not take kindly to this and responds with a slap across Peach’s face, leaving a thick hand print on Peach’s left cheek.

Pauline is in big trouble at this point, as Daisy has not let up at all, but Daisy being the opportunist dashes towards a distracted Peach and Rosalina and flying clotheslines both of them. At this point, Daisy is the only one standing, and is looking quite strong in the opening moments of the match. However, this Princess Battle is far from over.

princess battle

Daisy realizing that she has a long history with Peach gives her an idea, so she offers a hand to Peach, smiles, and Peach obliges. The two of them, who are the smallest of the bunch, tag team against Rosalina. The chemistry between Daisy and Peach is astounding, and the tag team combo maneuvers rival that of the Steiner Bros, the Hardy Boyz, the Young Bucks, and FTR. It would appear that Rosalina is done for, but a limping Pauline grabs Daisy by the hair and rips a chunk out with force. Daisy is now screaming and crying in absolute pain as Pauline looks over at Peach to see if she will stop her.

Peach wants nothing to do with Pauline, and she continues her assault on Rosalina. It looks as if Rosalina is done for, but Luma returns and smashes into Peach. Peach is now disoriented as Rosalina returns to her feet, and now the two return to where they were before. Rosalina throws Luma at Peach once again only to be dodged by Peach for a second time, but instead, Rosalina is already flying towards Peach and lifts her up in the air with her telekinesis. “You can’t do that! That’s cheating!”, Peach exclaims. However, Rosalina does not care, and she proceeds to lift Peach up and slam her down with her telekinesis over and over and over again until Peach is rendered unconscious. Peach is out of the competition.

As Pauline and Daisy continue to assault each other, the giant, looming shadow of Rosalina casts overhead, and both of them shiver in fear. “If you and I are going to finish this, Paulie, then we need to get rid of her,” Daisy says to Pauline. Pauline reluctantly agrees and turns towards Rosalina only to be met with a baseball bat to the back of the head. Daisy laughs hysterically as she watches Pauline’s limp body collapse to the ground with a massive gash wound on the back of the head. Pauline has been eliminated.

4-way princess battle

The final two eye each other down, and although both have taken there fair share of punishment in this princess battle so far, neither of them look like they are going to be giving up any time soon. Rosalina wasting no time throws Luma at Daisy and basically attempts the same thing she did to Peach. She pulls off the telekinesis and lifts Daisy, but Daisy being quick on her feet takes the crown off of her head and thrusts the sharp end into Rosalina’s face, causing her to lose control of the telekinesis and dropping Daisy.

Once Daisy picks herself back up and sees that Rosalina is in writhing pain, she takes advantage of her moment and rushes towards Rosalina with baseball bat in hand. Daisy pulls back and takes a massive swing towards Rosalina’s head, but the bat is stopped suddenly. Rosalina caught it mid-swing, and as Daisy raises her head to look at Rosalina’s face, all she sees is a fire in Rosalina’s eyes and danger in her future.

Rosalina forcefully takes the bat away from Daisy with ease, and she swings it at Daisy’s right leg, causing her to buckle and fall to the ground. Daisy reaches out to grab the bat, but Rosalina takes another swing and breaks Daisy’s humerus on her left arm. Daisy is screaming in pain, but Rosalina has already learned her lesson once and continues on the attack. She once again uses telekinesis, but instead of picking up Daisy, she picks up the baseball and just swipes her hand to motion the bat to swing back and forth across Daisy’s face until she is a bloody pulp. Okay, Rosalina. It’s over. Please stop. Daisy’s finished.

princess battle rosalina wins

And the Winner is…

Rosalina stands tall in an exhaustive and brutal princess battle. All four women brought everything to the table, but at the end of the day, Rosalina not only had the size advantage, she also has magical abilities to give her the unfair edge against her magic-less opponents.

Daisy, being the opportunistic scrapper that she is, almost pulled off a huge upset, but at the end of the day, when you go one-on-one with a 7’3″ (221cm) tall woman that has insanely strong magic abilities, there is not a whole lot you can do.

Congratulations to Rosalina in our first-ever Fatal 4-Way Princess Battle! A true powerhouse in the Mushroom Kingdom, and a princess you should never mess around with.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link! What did you think of this intense Princess Battle? Were you entertained? Were you surprised by the results? Let us know what you think in the comments! Happy gaming, everyone.

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