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Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks

Fire Emblem Engage can be a tricky game. There are a lot of hidden features, tough battles, and satisfying conversations to be had throughout the game. Here are some Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks to keep you alive in the game.

Fire Emblem Engage Tips and Tricks For Somniel

In the town of Somniel, you can upgrade your characters’ stats easily and stay on top of your ingredients list. Here’s a breakdown of every feature you can access in the hub area. Get ready for these Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks.

  • The Arena lets you train your characters and has them spar with their companions. You can do this three times a day, letting your characters gain experience if they win. You can also have them spar with emblems, letting them bond with them super quickly. You can get all the way up to Level 5 in one go if you have any bond fragments.
  • The Bulletin Board lets you donate your money towards ally nations. This gains you new outfits, minerals, ingredients, and animals. The amiibo Gazebo also gives more styles for your characters based on the figures you scan into the game.
  • You can improve your weapons at the Smithy near the beginning of the game. If you gain enough materials, you can improve the strength of your weapon and its critical rate. You can also engrave your emblems to certain weapons giving them a better hit rate, lower weight, and avoidance rate. They may also increase the critical rate too. You can also buy new weapons at the Armoury.
  • If you need a temporary boost of your stats, you can visit the Training Yard. The push-ups, sit-ups, and squats all give different stat boosts.
  • At the item shop, you can stay stocked on important items. While weapon durability is not in Fire Emblem Engage, you still have to keep stocked on healing spells. You’ll eventually run out so buy as many as you think you need. The item shop also has Master Seals and Second Seals available.
  • You’ll want to pick up every object from the ground. Press the ZR button to see the full map on your screen. The golden spots on the map indicate items you can pick up like gifts and resources. They respawn every time you return to Somniel from a battle so be diligent.

How To Equip Skills And Other Gameplay Details

Fire Emblem Engage Tips Inherited Skills
Image via Nintendo

Another set of Fire Emblem Engage tips we can provide you is how you can upgrade your character. One of the most hidden ways to do that in this strategy RPG is the inherited skills system. As a character like Alear grows their link level with each emblem, they’ll gain the skills attached to that legendary warrior. For example, you can gain the skill Dual Assist from Lucina. Once inherited, it will let the unit chain attack an enemy after allies try to strike foes. Perceptive from Marth also grants Avo +15 during combat.

To inherit skills, you’ll want to go to the Ring Chamber. The SP you have gained throughout your adventure so far will be your currency for inheriting skills. Once that is done, go to your main menu and select “Inventory.” Select the character you want to gain an inherited skill and then select “Manage Skills.” It’s so strange how this option is hidden behind “Inventory,” but at least now you know where to find this function. That’s what this Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks guide is for!

You can also make bond rings in the Ring Chamber. Take these Fire Emblem Engage tips. Using Bond Fragments, you’ll gain random bond rings that will give your emblems boosted stats. For example, Gaius B provides +1 dexterity and +1 speed while Lissa C only gives you +1 luck.

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Bond Rings Fire Emblem Engage
Image via Nintendo

Another feature that is hidden behind the “Inventory” menu is the ability to change class. Upgrading to a new class through a Master Seal or Second Seal will give your characters a boost in stats and gain them new abilities.

Hopefully, these Fire Emblem Engage tips and tricks have helped you along your journey.

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