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5 Exciting February 2023 Switch Games To Look Forward To

5 Exciting February 2023 Switch Games To Look Forward To

February 2023 Switch Games Kirby

It seems like 2023 is going just as fast as last year with exciting release after exciting release. Thankfully, that speed isn’t slowing down when it comes to the February 2023 Switch games lineup. From Kirby to Octopath Traveler 2, here’s everything you should expect from this usually quiet month. Unfortunately, Atelier Ryza 3 has recently been delayed into March.


Blanc February 2023 Switch Games
Image via Gearbox Publishing

Blanc is arguably one of the most visually intriguing February 2023 Switch games. Its black-and-white hand-drawn style stands out as you follow the adventure of a wolf cub and a fawn trying to find their families. It is set within a wintry storm as these animals desperately try to follow their loved one’s tracks.

It also features co-op between the cub and the fawn as you try to wiggle your way through puzzles. The developer says on Steam that the game uses only two buttons, making it easy for anyone to play. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PC on February 14.

Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe

Kirby's Return To Dreamland Deluxe February 2023 Switch Games
Image via Nintendo

One of the most anticipated February 2023 Switch games is Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe. The Wii platformer has been remastered for the Nintendo Switch. Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee are all playable in the game with four player co-op. Unfortunately, it seems there is no online co-op functionality. Still, this classic 2D platformer will be a blast when it releases on February 24.

Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler 2 February 2023 Switch Games
Image via Square Enix

The beautiful HD-2D animation style from Square Enix is back in Octopath Traveler 2. There is a lot of JRPG goodness to be had from the February 2023 Switch games line up.

Like its predecessor, the game is absolutely gorgeous as it blends nostalgic sprite-based characters and stunning well-lit environments. There will be eight completely new travellers to learn about, all with unique abilities to master. In addition, we’ll be travelling the seas between the east and western region of Solistia.

The grand JRPG will be released on February 24 for the Nintendo Switch. We should also note it’s coming to PlayStation systems and PC as well.

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets

Rhythm Sprout February 2023 Switch Games
Image via tinyBuild

Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets is an action-heavy music game that has you striking down foes as they approach you. It has a super cute art style, and the publisher tinyBuild states there is a “quirky self-aware story in between.”

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It will include all sorts of genres within its original soundtrack, including EDM, K-POP, Drum’n’Bass, Disco, Lo-fi hip-hop, Metal, and even more genres, according to the game’s Steam page. You won’t have to wait long as Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad Sweets releases on February 1 for the Nintendo Switch.

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE February 2023 Switch Games
Image via Square Enix

The last big crescendo to the Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy series Final Bar Line is heading to the Nintendo Switch on February 16. This game incredibly features 385 songs from across the Final Fantasy series. The gameplay has you fighting enemies to the music, similar to a game like Guitar Hero, and it’s truly exciting, especially if you love the original compositions. There will also be 104 Final Fantasy characters to play as, including Cloud, Tidus, Vaan, and many more protagonists. It’s certainly one of the most anticipated February 2023 Switch games.

Honourable Mentions

Clive n Wrench February 2023 Switch Games
Image via Numskull Games
  • Cuddly Forest Friends – February 2
  • Bumblebee: Little Bee Adventure – February 9
  • Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society – February 14
  • Tales of Symphonia Remastered – February 16
  • Digimon World: Next Order – February 22
  • Grim Guardians: Demon Purge – February 23
  • Clive ‘n Wrench – February 24
  • void* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 2 – February 28

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link! What do you think of February’s offerings? Let us know in the comments!

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