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The 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokemon Across All Regions

The 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokemon Across All Regions

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Shiny Pokemon have been an integral part of the Pokemon universe since Generation II, and although the word “shiny” took a little while to stick, The Pokemon Company has made a big deal out of the concept since its inception. Finding shiny Pokemon is incredibly rare, so when one pops up on your screen, it is worthy of celebration!

Today, my son, my daughter, and I present you the 10 Best-Looking Shiny Pokemon that you can find across all regions. Whether you play the main entry games or Pokemon GO, we hope you enjoy our list. Let’s get shiny hunting!

Honorable Mention – Shuckle

shiny pokemon

In the honorable mention, I had to bring up my boy, Shuckle. This ultimate Pokemon is the most defensive beast in the entire series, and it is even a major threat in PvP due to some of its excellent moves.

It’s shiny is just adorable though, as the transition from red to blue is perfect for this cute, little bug and rock guy. Shuckle didn’t make the list, but they are still an amazing shiny! But on to the list…

10 – Ponyta

shiny pokemon

Ponyta is one of those shiny Pokemon from the Kanto region that is simply stunning. In the first couple generations, many shinies were subject to either a green or purple makeover due to sprite limitations, but not this beautiful horse. Instead, Ponyta got one of the most amazing shades of blue to replace the orange fires on its body.

Ponyta is the only Kanto Pokemon to make our best shiny Pokemon list, so this is a testament to just how amazing the shiny is. Even after 8 generations (Almost 9!), this is still one of the best shinies.

9 – Riolu/Lucario

shiny pokemon

The Riolu/Lucario shiny family is amazing! The change from blue to yellow stands out so well, and I hatched a shiny male Riolu a couple years ago, named it Yellow Bro, and I will never allow it to evolve. It is my best buddy!

Sorry. I got sidetracked there. Because of Lucario’s position on the Pokemon ladder, it is important for a high profile Pokemon to have a stellar shiny variant, unlike Pikachu. These two are simply awesome shinies, and Riolu is one of the most sought after shinies in the entire series. That alone puts these two on the list.

8 – Gigalith

shiny pokemon

Both Roggenrola and Gigalith have wonderful shinies, but Gigalith alone is the star of the show. The orange rocks all over its body changing to a stunning turquoise is just a wonderful way to make this shiny Pokemon stand out among the crowd. There are a few turquoise-colored shiny variants out there, but we think Gigalith wears it the best.

Not only does it look great in its shiny variation, but Gigalith looks even better when it performs moves and the turquoise rocks glow into a bright orange that makes this shiny Pokemon stand out even more.

7 – Intellion

shiny pokemon

Intellion is one of a couple Generation 8 shinies on this list, and it is no question why this gorgeous shiny is on here. Intellion sports white legs and gloves, while also showing off some lovely pink and light blue. It’s color combination is top tier and one of the best.

I remember when Sword and Shield starters were revealed and how Pokemon fans made fun of poor Sobble. Well, jokes on them, because when Sobble grows up, it becomes one of the best shinies in the series.

6 – Ho-Oh

shiny pokemon

Ho-Oh is absolutely one of the best-looking Legendary shinies. The color change is so vast that it is difficult to truly appreciate every part of it. The red to orange, the green to red, and the orange bill and tail to the grey bill and tail are all amazing. The way Ho-Oh peacocks itself too only helps to appreciate this shiny Pokemon even more.

There is a long, long list of awesome Legendary Pokemon in the series, but no other Legendary, besides one, holds a candle to Ho-Oh. This beautiful bird is the creme de la creme.

5 – Honedge

shiny pokemon

Honedge and its family are magnificent shinies, but we decided to focus only on Honedge for the sole reason that its blade being exposed and being bright red make it stand out from even its own shiny family. What most Pokemon fans want out of their shinies is a real pop; a difference so strong from its original version that it can be recognized instantly. Honedge does exactly that, and the colors are so eye-popping.

It’s unfortunate that Doublade and Aegislash don’t have quite the same visual appeal as Honedge, but that does not mean they are bad shinies. It just simply means that Honedge takes the cake (Or at least slices the cake).

4 – Salazzle

shiny pokemon

Salazzle is one of the newer shinies like Intellion, but look at this beauty. Some times the best shiny is a simple color reversal, and Salazzle does this perfectly. The black-to-white transformation while keeping the elegant original design and colors on the chest really make those parts pop out even better than the original variation.

In my opinion, a shiny Pokemon should always outshine its normal counterpart, and that is precisely what makes Salazzle stand out. The original design and color scheme are fantastic, but the shiny is just that much better. Truly one of the best shiny Pokemon, but we still have three more!

3 – Obstagoon

shiny pokemon

Oh, wow. This is where the debate between me and my kids got intense. The Galarian Zigzagoon family, particularly Obstagoon, is one of the best newer shiny families around! I mean, look at them. All three are phenomenal, and this is exactly what you want from your shiny families. You want the first one to be adorable, the second one to look cooler, and the third one to blow you away. This family does it just right!

I think what makes this line shine so much is just how much it contrasts from its original color scheme. The original Galarian Zigzagoon line is entirely black-and-white, and even the originals look awesome! But then we see the shinies for all three, and it is mind-blowing! From a black-and-white theme to a light blue-and-red theme is not what I initially expected, but I need more shinies like this!

2 – Metagross

shiny pokemon

Metagross was introduced to the Pokemon world back in Generation III, and this steel and psychic type is one of the coolest-looking Pokemon across all the regions. The metallic blue with the silver X on the face and silver spikes on the legs look incredible. Well, then you see the shiny variant, and this is a shiny done right. How can you make a steel-type Pokemon look even better? Metallic blue and silver to silver and gold.

It just feels like Metagross got blinged out, and it is absolutely to its benefit. This is a stellar shiny, and even though the whole family takes this same shiny color scheme, Metagross particularly knocks it out of the park. It is hard for me to say that there are other normal Pokemon out there that outshine Metagross in the shiny department, but there is one slot left and this is no ordinary Pokemon…

1 – Rayquaza

shiny pokemon

Rayquaza is simply the best shiny. This Legendary dragon modeled after the Chinese Teng (A type of flying dragon) is one of the best-designed Legendaries in the entire series. It is fierce, cool as all hell, and exactly the type of Pokemon you want to catch desperately. Then you see its shiny, and you just fall in love with it even more.

Dragons in Chinese mythology have some unique designs and color variations, so Rayquaza’s original green color scheme borrows heavily from ancient mythology. However, the black dragon (It’s shiny color) symbolizes vengeance, often connected to catastrophic events, and cements shiny Rayquaza as not only a fantastic shiny Pokemon but also a shiny that symbolizes exactly what it looks like it should.

Shiny Rayquaza for the win!

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link! What do you think of this list of the best-looking shiny Pokemon from all the regions? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments! Happy gaming, everyone!

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