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How To Unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

How To Unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Jean Fire Emblem Engage

Jean is an adorable child doctor that knows how to heal his allies and yet kick butt at the same time. Despite him being young and tiny, he’s one of the best units in the game. Here’s how to unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where To Find Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Jean, played by Tails actress Colleen O’Shaughnessey, is a tiny, yet powerful mage that can handily help allies in a pinch. This little doctor is not found within the main storyline. Instead, you’ll find Jean in Fire Emblem Engage by finishing one of the first paralogues in the game. In Chapter 5, the map will open up and show you a path towards the first paralogue in Tea Field Village.

How To Recruit Jean

Once you enter the level, a cutscene will play between Jean and his father. The village they live in soon gets attacked, and under desperate circumstances, his father decides to let Jean help the wounded. This is where Alear and the gang join in.

Jean in Fire Emblem Engage is at the top of the map near the village’s town hall. They’re defending fellow villagers who have fled inside. Enemies are attacking Jean and his father, and you must ensure you get to Jean before he dies.

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Once you’re close to Jean on the board, select Alear and have him walk up next to Jean’s space. There should be an option to “Talk” in a green-coloured font. After a conversation with the young doctor, he will join your party. After the battle in this paralogue is over, Jean will decide to follow Alear’s quest and become a better doctor in the process.

Jean in Fire Emblem Engage with Lyn
Image via Nintendo

As you play through the game with Jean, you can change his class to a Martial Master. He can deal a surprising amount of damage, despite him being a healer, especially if an emblem tags along with him. Get some inherited skills equipped and he’s good to go in Fire Emblem Engage.

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