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Kinduo Switch Review – Elemental Buddies Solving Puzzles

Kinduo Switch Review – Elemental Buddies Solving Puzzles


Ah, cooperative games, especially couch ones. Kinduo is a nice little puzzle game intended for two players but can be played with no problem at all for one as well. This is another title from the same team that brought us Virtual Western, and there are a lot of parallels here, both good and bad.

Well, is this a cheap co-op experience that is worthy of the fiver it is asking for? Or is Kinduo not quite up to snuff? Let’s find out!


Kinduo starts off with a nice comic panel that introduces us to our elemental buddy team, and it shows that they have been sucked into a magic door that has taken them to another dimension. Our duo do not have any names, but one is stone and the other is electric, and apparently they are the best of buddies and a wonderful elemental team.

This is yet another game that I did not expect to have a story, as it honestly did not need it at all. However, I appreciate the effort very much, and I especially love the panels used to enhance the experience.

The two characters are so adorable, and the pixelated graphics is a lovely throwback to oldschool games. The stages are nothing to write home about, and disappointingly, there are only three unique areas as well. Not a whole lot of variety.

As far as gameplay goes, Kinduo is a puzzle platformer where the two characters need to work together in order to solve the problems. The electric buddy is able to spark electrical panels in order to raise and lower elevators, they can jump higher, and they can even dash in later levels. The rock buddy can push blocks, and they learn to break weak flooring later in the game. Both characters play and control really well, and it is even more fun to play with a friend.

Stages are pretty simple and straight-forward for the most part, and I never found a moment where I got stuck. Even when I played some co-op, there was no difficulty in figuring things out all the way through from beginning to end. This is a bit unfortunate, because Kinduo is genuinely fun but finishes so quickly. There are only 30 stages and a “final” one, and the entire game can easily be cleared in under an hour.

Despite that, Kinduo does provide a solid, little co-op experience, and it does evolve properly in regards to its challenge. I did find that the rock buddy’s movement is particularly slow and does drag the timer a bit, but maybe that is done on purpose to elongate the experience.

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Kinduo is another short yet enjoyable indie title from Nibb Games and Ratalaika. It may not impress or take much time at all, but it is an enjoyable game that can be played both in single player and co-op, which definitely ups the value.

If you are looking for a cheap little puzzle game to play with your partner or friend, this is definitely one that will satisfy that thirst. However, there is very little reason to come back after clearly, so I cannot say that Kinduo has any replay value whatsoever. If you don’t mind your experience coming to an end so quickly, then skip out on that fast-food meal this week and have a cooperative date with someone close to you!

Who knows? Maybe you might learn something from these elemental buddies. If not, you can at least admire how cute they are.

Kinduo Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Review also found on OpenCritic
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Nibb Games
Release Date: January 21th, 2022
Price: $4.99£4.99€4,99
Game Size: 32 MB


Adorable characters and pixel graphics

Solid co-op mechanics


Very short experience

Lack of environments

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