Is Fire Emblem Engage Gacha?

Fire Emblem Engage Gacha

Fire Emblem Engage is impressing fans around the world with its engaging gameplay and brimming character roster. However, are there Fire Emblem Engage gacha mechanics that would turn off many players from the game? It gets a little complicated.

Are There Fire Emblem Engage Gacha Mechanics?

Fire Emblem Engage Gacha Mechanics
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Fire Emblem Engage lets you bring back classic characters throughout the iconic strategy series. They’re all unlocked by participating in the narrative of the game, thankfully, unlike Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile. However, there are Bond Rings, comprised of lesser-known characters from past Fire Emblem games, that are determined by luck. They’re added to your emblems to give you additional stats like improved dexterity.

Achievements Fire Emblem Engage
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Fortunately, there are no in-game microtransactions in this Fire Emblem Engage gacha system. In other words, you do not need to use real money to gain an advantage on the battlefield in Fire Emblem Engage. Instead, you earn bond fragments by completing achievements, talking to your allies after battles, and finishing story segments. There are technically Fire Emblem Engage gacha elements, but they’re not predatory towards your wallet.

What Do Bond Rings Help You With Exactly?

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus
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Each bond ring when selected for each emblem (Marth, Lyn, Ike, etc) will give them additional stats. For example, Caeda C gives them +1 speed while Katarina B gives +2 HP and +1 Defense. They’re not that significant in terms of your overall stats, but an extra small edge might make the difference between winning and losing.

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You can access the bond rings by going to the Cafe Terrace and then entering the left door at the end of the area. You’ll find the Ring Chamber there, in which you can make bond rings and polish each ring to help gain the friendship level between the emblem and the hero they’re assigned to. Good luck with these bond rings as you proceed through Fire Emblem Engage’s compelling campaign against evil.

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