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Are There Fire Emblem Engage Gay Relationships?

Are There Fire Emblem Engage Gay Relationships?

Fire Emblem Engage Gay Characters

Recent Fire Emblem games like Three Houses have featured gay relationships in the past. Fire Emblem Engage has many characters your protagonist can “date,” but are there any Fire Emblem Engage gay relationships? Find out below.

Will There Be Fire Emblem Engage Gay Relationships?

Fire Emblem Engage Gay Characters
Image via Nintendo

At the time of writing, the game has not been released but from recent leaks, we know there are Fire Emblem Engage gay and lesbian relationships. HITC has found, through @FeEngage on Twitter, that the following male characters can be gay towards your protagonist:

  • Alfred
  • Bunet
  • Diamant
  • Louis
  • Mauvier
  • Seadall
  • Kagetsu

The female lesbian partner options include:

  • Chloe
  • Citrinne
  • Goldmary
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Lapis
  • Merrin
  • Panette

That’s a total of 15 characters overall, who are a part of the gay or lesbian identity. With the series’ implementation of black characters in Fire Emblem Engage and previous titles, in addition to gay and lesbian relationships, Fire Emblem is arguably the most progressive franchise from Nintendo.

Fire Emblem Engage Characters Who Are Not Eligible

Fire Emblem Engage Straight Characters
Image via Nintendo

Despite a wide representation of Fire Emblem Engage gay and lesbian characters, there are some who are platonic. That list includes:

  • Anna
  • Jean
  • Boucheron
  • Celine
  • Clanne
  • Alcryst
  • Veyle
  • Zelkov
  • Linden
  • Saphir
  • Amber
  • Etie

In addition, there are some who are merely flirtatious and aren’t interested in getting into a relationship, including:

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  • Timerra
  • Yunaka
  • Vander
  • Rosado
  • Framme
  • Fogado
  • Hortensia

If these lists are incorrect in any way after Fire Emblem Engage releases, we will update this article.

Something else of note is that it seems you can’t date any of the emblems in Fire Emblem Engage. This means you won’t be able to start a relationship with Marth, Lyn, Roy, Ike, Corrin, and everyone else who is summoned. In addition, there are no Fire Emblem Engage gay marriages, not even straight. This may come as a disappointment for some fans.

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