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Bravery and Greed Switch Review – Collect the Gold, Defeat the Enemies!

Bravery and Greed Switch Review – Collect the Gold, Defeat the Enemies!

bravery and greed switch review

Bravery and Greed is a fun and interesting idea. This side-scrolling action adventure game from Team17 and Rekka Games is a little adventure, a little PvE, and a little PvP to create something that will constantly keep you on your toes when playing locally or online.

But is Bravery and Greed a solid multiplayer experience to be enjoyed by all? Or is the amount of greed within this one a bit too much and corrupts the core? Let’s find out!

bravery and greed switch review

Bravery and Greed is a beat-em-up, roguelite dungeon brawler for up to four players. It is lacking in story, but that is okay, as the main focus is diving deep into each stage, hacking-and-slashing through hordes of enemies as you find loot to upgrade your character and permanent unlocks to help with future crawls. The way permanent unlocks work is through greed, and that means you receive chests after dying depending on how much gold you collected and didn’t spend. Interesting, right?

Well, that’s the premise! Bravery is diving into these dangerous areas and fighting off waves of baddies and ultimately defeating the boss of an stage, and Greed is the collection of gold that you can receive after defeating enemies and breaking certain items in a stage. That is why this is called Bravery and Greed, and it is a really fun concept for both a single player roguelite dungeon brawler and a multiplayer one.

There are four classic classes to choose from, and things get even more interesting as you crush the competition and find loot. Loot can reward you with new equipment and weapons to help with the journey, but these are merely temporary items that will go away upon death. The permanent items are ones that you unlock afterward, as I mentioned, as they can be either cards to activate before a round that can assist in some way or make things harder but offers more gold. Other unlocks are new items to find in a run or assists that come in the form of different types of class individuals who will help you as AI companions.

bravery and greed switch review

The combat is a bit wild and chaotic, and that even includes the single player. Since the attack actions are a little on the uncontrollable side, it is hard to see what is going on or how much damage your are doing, especially when there are lots of enemies on the screen. The multiplayer in Bravery and Greed is a lot of fun, but that same issue persists. When one of each class is present, that’s when it feels like there is too much stuff happening at once, but this caters much better to some of the multiplayer modes that add to the playful insanity.

There are multiple game modes where Adventure and Survival are the main two. These two are standard adventuring in the roguelite style, but Survival offers a couple more options to make things more challenging. PvP and Team PvP are what they sound like, which is battling local or online opponents, and this is a decent time. It is nice when teams add extra game modes to increase the value and interest of a game, and that is something I have thoroughly enjoyed about Bravery and Greed. This is not simply a one-style game, although the Adventure mode is the best offering. Despite that, there is so much to do here, and it is all enjoyable.

One of the lovely things about Adventure mode is that each stage you unlock is a stage from which you can start at, making progression a little better than other roguelites out there. Although that does come at a price, as you will be entering these harder areas without the equipment you gained from the earlier stages. However, it is possible to get better equipment this way, but it will be harder to do so, that’s for sure.

bravery and greed switch review

Boss fights in Bravery and Greed are excellent, but I will admit that they are a lot harder in single player than they are in multiplayer for reasons that may seem too obvious, which is the lack of teamwork. Thankfully, bosses are still manageable in the single player, but it requires a lot more patience and strategy. In multiplayer, using everyone’s unique abilities and skills together makes for a truly entertaining and solid experience. Honestly, the bosses are the best part of the game.

The art style and the beautiful pixel work are astounding, and the particle effects look incredible thanks to the dynamic lighting, lovely use of colors, and excellently designed backgrounds. Considering this is a 2D side-scroller with a lot happening on screen, it is amazing how fluid everything is and how beautiful it looks in the process. Bravery and Greed is a stunning indie game title, and it is one that will impress each time you return and try to tackle the intense competition.

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As for the soundtrack, this is expertly crafted and sounds perfect in just about every way. The epic nature of the music compliments the actions on screen and inspires players to fight for their lives and take down the enemy threat. This is made even better thanks to the authentic sounds of metal clanging, magic being performed, and enemies and players being slashed, burned, poisoned, and more. It is a well-crafted experience from top to bottom, and it is pleasurable in just about every way.

bravery and greed switch review

Bravery and Greed is a wonderful single player and multiplayer game, but it is most enjoyable with friends and family locally. Although the online is solid and loads of fun if someone is out there, the local experience will always trump it simply because of the smoother gameplay and easier communication.

Whether you are a fan of roguelites, platform brawlers, or both, Bravery and Greed has got you covered. There is a lot of game here, and thanks to the multiple modes, there is enough to keep you busy for loads of hours.

Bravery and Greed boasts an awesome theme, fun playable characters, tough mechanics, challenging bosses, and so much more. The amount of unlocks will keep you playing well into the night, and the addictive gameplay will constantly bring you back. This is a great game all-around and one that is welcomed on anyone’s Nintendo Switch. Oh, and did I mention you can recruit doggies and hug them, too? Yeah. I should have led with that.

Bravery and Greed Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Rekka Games
Release Date: November 15th, 2022
Price: $19.99, £15.99, €19,99
Game Size: 985 MB

bravery and greed switch review

Fantastic roguelite dungeon brawler experience

Classes and unique items keeps rounds fresh

Multiplayer modes are all fun

Boss fights are top tier

Art style and music are fantastic!


Combat can be wild and chaotic, making action hard to see and follow

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