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Urshifu Striking Hard Onto Pokemon UNITE on December 1

Urshifu Striking Hard Onto Pokemon UNITE on December 1

Urshifu Pokemon UNITE Notice

An in-game notification has confirmed that both forms of Urshifu, the Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor DLC, will be available in Pokemon UNITE on December 1, 2022.

Which Urshifu Style Will You Choose in Pokemon UNITE?

Urshifu will be joining the Pokemon UNITE roster on December 1, 2022. An in-game notification confirms that both of its forms – Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style – will be available to play.

It will join alongside the other 45 Pokemon available in the game, which includes the following:

Clefable, Duraludon, Hoopa, Trevenant, Dragonite, Tsareena, Greedent, Sylveon, Mamoswine, Blastoise, Blissey, Gardevoir, Zeraora, Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, Crustyle, Greninja, Eldegoss, Talonflame, Lucario, Venusaur, Mr. Mine, Slowbro, Absol, Machamp, Wigglytuff, Alolan Ninetails, Cramorant, Gengar, Garchomp, Cinderace, Duraludon, Azumarill, Espeon, Delphox, Glaceon, Buzzwole, Tyranitar, Mew, Dodrio, Scizor, and Sabeleye.

The latest addition to the game was Sableye on November 16, 2022.

Urshifu Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor

Nothing is known at this time regarding how Urshifu will be able to use its two forms in Pokemon UNITE. It is possible that an in-game event will occur that will only players to select a tower to train Urshifu in to unlock that particular style, similar to the Isle of Armor DLC. But again, this is only speculation and is not confirmed.

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Pokemon UNITE is currently available for Nintendo Switch and all mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

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