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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Haunter Trade and the End of 16 Years of Hurt

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s Haunter Trade and the End of 16 Years of Hurt


Now I don’t remember if I was personally affected by the story I’m about to tell you (possibly due to repressing the horrors), but the internet sure seems to have been. And I know that it’s no longer Halloween, but I hope you’ll indulge me with a Ghost story.

For this is the story of the Haunter that wouldn’t evolve.

Haunter, the Everstone, and The Curse of the Witch

The story is so shocking that it’s scared a Trainer and Gengar back in Hisui!

It was on a pretty average day in 2006 or 2007 that Sinnoh Trainers felt their spines curl and their skin crawl. But it was not the eponymous snow of Snowpoint city that caused this chill, oh no. This biting cold was caused by a ghostly curse that emanated from a house towards the north of the northernmost city of the region. For in this house was a witch.

A witch who called innocent Trainers in with promises of a fair trade, in fact a trade that for many lonely Trainers was more than fair. She cunningly offered a Haunter for Medicham. An opportunity which was too good to pass up. Or was the opportunity too good to be true?

For when the hapless Trainer received this Haunter, expecting to be greeted with the sounds of Evolution and new powerful teammate in the form of Gengar, they were instead greeted with nothing but disappointment and Haunter’s evil grin.

“But why?” pleaded the Trainers. “Haunter should evolve when traded, and I just traded the Haunter with you, so I should have a Gengar! It’s not fair! Boo hoo, boo hoo… ahem.”
“Haha!,” cackled the witch, “Did my Haunter turn into something else? Just kidding!”
For the Haunter was holding… an Everstone!”

The atmosphere used ‘Thunder’. It missed!
Oh, an Everstone prevents the Pokémon holding it from evolving.
The atmosphere used ‘Thunder’. It was super effective!

Paldea and a Chance for Redemption

But then, when I was adventuring through the newest region of Paldea, I thought I heard something… familiar. It was in Levincia, by the Gym battle area, where I heard the siren’s call once again.

“If you have a Pinurchin, would you be willing to trade it for my Haunter?”

Well, what can I say, dear reader? I’m a fool. A fool who really wanted a Gengar. So I decided to chance the trade again, spurred on by the thought that Pinurchin could be caught on the beach outside the city, and that I could get an article out of the experience.

I made the trade and held my breath. The Haunter, Hauntikins, rushed towards me as my willing sacrifice shot towards the woman.
I tensed.
The screen paused. I felt as if I had been hit by Arbok’s Constrict. Then the most beautiful sound could be heard.

The evolution music.
The atmosphere used ‘Revenge’! It was super effective!
Vindication! A Gengar!

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After sixteen years of hurt, I had finally received a Gengar from an in-game trade. Of course, it went straight into my box, as there are loads of new Pokémon that I’d much rather use and my ghost-type slot has already been reserved by the very good boy, Greavyard. But it’s the principle that matters.

So, next time you think of making a trade, be warned that you could be stuck with an unevolved Haunter, or, maybe, you’ll receive the powerful Gengar of your dreams!

The moral of the story is to take that chance but also to weigh the risks. What? That’s a rubbish lesson? Okay, the real lesson is that if you trade your friend a Haunter, or other evolve-through-trade Pokémon, with an attached Everstone, you deserve to be haunted by a Haunter.

And that, dear reader, is the end of my tale.

How did you like the story? Did I scare you? Did you fall for the witch’s tricks? Let us know in the comments and thanks for visiting NintendoLink!

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