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Splatoon 3 Best Weapons: Turf War and Other Online Battles

Splatoon 3 Best Weapons: Turf War and Other Online Battles

Best Splatoon 3 Weapons

Splatoon 3 is ripping and roaring on our TV screens throughout the world, but to really succeed in this game, you’ll need to pick out the best arsenal for your team to succeed. Here are the Top 5 Splatoon 3 Best Weapons you can select.

Quick Note About Strategy

Splatoon 3 Octobrush
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

Before we head into our Top 5 best weapons in the game, you should coordinate with your team for the best results. One team who only wields Splat Rollers will not be successful as they lack medium to long-range capabilities. Splat Rollers also suffer from a lack of vertical shooting power, adding some difficulties if the opposing team has a sniping-style weapon. Have a variety of different weapons at your disposal in your squad.

Splat Roller

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

The Splat Roller is an infamous, yet useful tool to cover the arena with as much ink as possible. Your Inkling sprints as they’re rolling the weapon and can squish incoming opponents with one swipe. It also takes a long time to run out of ink, letting you roll through a part of the stage in one fell swoop.

It suffers at longer range as the spread is thin and short-ranged, but in a close quarters battle, the Splat Roller is one of the Splatoon 3 best weapons.

The super ability you gain from the Splat Roller creates a forcefield around you and your team. It’s small, but it’s a good way to recharge your ink.

Heavy Splatling

Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

The Heavy Splatling is a perfect weapon to keep your foes at bay. It will scare the opposing team, keeping key areas safe from their ink. The Heavy Splatling is also great at mid-range encounters; I like using it on higher platforms, thundering this weapon’s heavy spray down from above. You can also cover a lot of space with your ink as the flow of “bullets” lasts a long time with each burst. The reliable splitting makes the Heavy Splatling one of the Splatoon 3 best weapons.

Your super ability will set a trap that relinquishes waves of ink. Like the power of the Heavy Splatling’s shots, it will dissuade your opponents from entering the area.


Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

The Octobrush, while brushed off by many players as an annoyance, is one of the most effective Splatoon 3 best weapons that’s overpowered. This paint brush acts similarly to a shotgun. As you slosh your paint, you can hit opponents with its wide, fast, and effective short-rannge attack. There’s nothing more scary than coming across an Octobrush player in close-range.

In addition, the Octobrush comes with an exceptional ability that has you zipping from place to place with a whip. Similarly to Tracer in Overwatch, you can attack opponents as you’re zipping around, and then after a period of time, you’ll return back to where you first activated the ability. Strategically, you can join a battle and then quickly get out of the area.

E-liter 4K Scope

Splatoon 3 Best Weapons
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

The E-liter 4K Scope is for those who love to snipe, despite how big it is for your little inkling. When fully charged and zoomed in, you can get one shot hits. It’s perfect for long-range gameplay, and we’d recommend getting to a more vertical position with this splat gun. Also, this weapon has a long spread for your ink to hit the surface area of the arena.

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The special ability for the E-liter 4K Scope is the same as the Heavy Splatling, covering the nearby area with waves of ink. This would be a great way to escape incoming fire.

N-ZAP ’85

N ZAP 85 Splatoon 3
Screenshot by Nintendo Link, Game by Nintendo

The N-ZAP ’85 is the best “assault rifle” splat gun in Splatoon 3. This NES throwback is outstanding in battle as it has a high velocity and wide spread, making it a perfect gun to bring to the fight. The ink also runs for a relatively long time after recouping your tank to full.

The weapon’s special ability is the Tacticooler. Once activated, you’ll gain access to a fridge that gives drinks to you and your teammates. The game says that it will “enhance some of your abilities for a brief time.” From what we’ve played, we believe that your splats are stronger while under these drinks’ effects.

Those are the Splatoon 3 best weapons of the game. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below. Also, check out our guides on how to change your hairstyle and legwear if you want to customize your inkling.

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