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How To Use Fire Emblem Engage amiibo

How To Use Fire Emblem Engage amiibo

Fire Emblem Engage amiibo

Fire Emblem Engage amiibo can unlock all manner of things in the game, including new outfits and songs from yesteryear. Here’s how to use the Fire Emblem Engage amiibo functionality.

Where To Use Fire Emblem Engage amiibo

Fire Emblem Engage amiibo Gazebo
Image via Nintendo

While there aren’t any new Fire Emblem Engage amiibo in stores today, you can actually scan your older figures like Marth and Ike into the game. Both Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. figures of the characters from the series work in Fire Emblem Engage.

To scan them, you’ll first need to proceed through the game until you reach Chapter 6. From then on, you can utilize the amiibo Gazebo. To find it, you’ll want to go back to your home hub town of Somniel. Turn on the Cycle Map with the ZR button, and you’ll see a symbol on the top right that looks like a pawn from a chess game. It also looks like an amiibo figure.

Proceed northwest of Somniel, and the amiibo Gazebo can be found next to a stunning water fountain. It’s also nearby some stairs that lead down to the garden area. Interact with it and then select “Scan” to bring in your amiibo to the game with the Nintendo Switch’s NFC reader. You can perform this action five times each day.

Other Activities In Somniel

Adopting Animals Fire Emblem Engage
Image via Nintendo

There are a few other activities you can do in Somniel. One such thing is adopting animals and bringing them to the town. Once summoned into the plot of grass that’s accustomed to them, they will drop items nearby that you can pick up.

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In addition, you can perform workouts with Prince Alfred, the guy who obsesses about his muscles. Depending on how Alear performs and what workout you decide to put them on, their stats will increase or see no change.

There is a also gacha-like system you can interact with in the Ring Chamber. Fortunately, you don’t have to use real cash in-game; instead, you’ll need to complete achievements and collect Bond Fragments. You can change everyone’s clothes as well.

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