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Fire Emblem Engage Welcomes Ivy and Kingdom of Elusia

Fire Emblem Engage Welcomes Ivy and Kingdom of Elusia

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced some more information regarding Fire Emblem Engage, and the things we may experience in them – Ivy and the Kingdom of Elusia.

Check out the latest trailer:

Ivy, voiced by Yoko Hidatsa in Japanese, is Hortensia’s older sister, and is the first princess of the Kingdom of Elusia. Ivy seems to possess a serious yet shy personality, and is searching for the Emblem Rings in the game.

Ivy starts the game with the Wing Tamer class; a knight that can communicate with and ride wyverns and are also experts in magic and staves.

As well as the above character, we also got to see more of the Kingdom of Elusia, which is ruled by Hyacinth, the Sage King. This Kingdom belongs to a nation that worships the Fell Dragon and is a highly religious nation founded in north-east Elyos.

The Kingdoms of Brodia and Elusia are known enemies, for many years now, and Ivy invades Brodia in the hopes of finding the Emblem Ring.

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Fire Emblem Engage is set to release on Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023.

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