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Voyage Switch Review – A Journey About Shared Exploration

Voyage Switch Review – A Journey About Shared Exploration


Ratalaika Games has been a a force to be reckoned with in the indie game publishing world, and Voyage is their next big release. This interesting journey from Venturous is about shared exploration as you control two survivors searching for answers long past. Whether you play alone or with a friend in cooperative mode, Voyage is something special.

So is Voyage worth your valuable time and money? That’s why we are here!


Voyage is a beautiful game about exploration, and it can be enjoyed either alone or with a friend. It is a compelling title that follows two young survivors as they seek answers to the mysteries all around them. Since the game is non-verbal, the story is interpreted by the player, and this makes for a very engaging and unique experience.

Similar to games like Journey and GRIS, Voyage uses its visuals and interactions to communicate its story as you venture through a nonviolent world that truly does encourage exploration and adventure over anything else. The two nameless characters share a strong bond, and they obviously need each other to solve the world’s mysteries and complete their journey.

There is something truly special about Voyage that can only be understood by playing it. Obviously its story is not so deep, per say, as there is no written dialog or voice acting, but what is communicated and how it is done is beyond impressive and makes for an immersive gaming experience unlike many others.


The gameplay in Voyage is rather simple and straightforward. This is a puzzle platformer with zero threats, which means you can take as much time as you need to figure things out, although none of the puzzles are overly complicated. It usually consists of activating certain triggers that allow you to move forward, or obviously working together with the other character to solve cooperative puzzles.

There are only a few controls outside of movement, and they are the halt/come command (Y), the activation/interact button (B), the switch character command (A), and finally the clue revealing button (X). A couple of these are mostly applicable to the single player as you control both characters, so if you are playing cooperatively, it is even less buttons you need to worry about, making for a truly relaxing and chill experience from start to finish.

The cooperative mode is solid and a lovely time to be had with someone close to you, and the best part is that Voyage is accessible to any and everyone, making it one of the most playable video games on the market. Honestly, it is very hard for me to think of a more casual game that carries such good weight and depth in both its nonverbal storytelling and interesting, yet relaxing, gameplay. This is why I brought up Journey earlier, because that vibe is throbbing here in Voyage and it is honestly done so wonderfully.


The only complaint I honestly have with the game is its checkpoint system, which is not necessarily bad but it is also not good either. Since Voyage is a slow-moving and relaxing game, some of its puzzles require pushing or pulling an object long distances, and this can take a while in certain cases. If you need to close the game for any reason, it is not very clear where you will continue from, because the checkpoint placements are not made clear and they aren’t at some appropriate points, like after a long push of an object that takes about 10 minutes. Having to redo a section like that can be a bit annoying.

Graphically, Voyage is unbelievably beautiful. This is a hand-painted game that is just oozing with personality, color, and mystery, and each new area boasts different themes, fauna, landscapes, and so much more. Voyage is truly one of the prettier games I have played this year, and it is largely thanks to the relaxed nature of the game that you are able to easily absorb all of the beauty around you. The little animations that pop up here and there speak largely into the mystery of Voyage‘s world while also continuing to keep you guessing what exactly is going on.

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The sound department is equally impressive, as the quiet soundtrack is the perfect backdrop, and the various thumps, crashes, and movement of objects feel so authentic while existing in an abstract and creative world. Even the more quiet and somber moments in the game are complimented tremendously by the sound effects that take over the music, such as the blistering winds or the rolling waters. Everywhere you travel to contains so much personality, and it is through the amazing effort by the stunning graphics and expertly crafted sounds.


Like I said in the intro, Voyage is something special. This is an incredible journey to experienced either alone or with a partner, and no matter how you prefer to play, this is an adventure worth traveling.

Honestly, the only hiccup I can bring up is the lackluster checkpoint/save system that may set you back at certain points if you so chose to close the application prematurely. Other than that, though, this is one of the most unique, relaxing, and enjoyable games I have played all year.

Voyage is beautiful in just about every way, and it is one of those titles we will be talking about for years to come.

Voyage Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Venturous
Release Date: August 12th, 2022
Price: $14.99, £11.99, €14,99
Game Size: 672 MB


Very chill and relaxing adventure

Gorgeous hand-painted artwork and designs

Expertly crafted soundtrack and effects

One of the most accessible games out there


Save/Checkpoint system can be a little annoying

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