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How To Sprint In Young Souls

How To Sprint In Young Souls

Young Souls

The teenage protagonists of Young Souls can move quickly while in battle, and you’re able to sprint across the levels like no one’s business. Here’s how to do it in the game.

Here’s how to sprint in Young Souls but be careful

While you’re going through a level, you usually are walking. However, if you double tap the left analog stick to the left or the right, Jenn and Tristan will sprint in place. You can then follow it up with an attack for a heavy hitting strike.

Young Souls How To Sprint
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Sprinting in Young Souls, on the other hand, will make you less concise. You’re set in one strict path forward and there isn’t room for going up or down on the map while sprinting. If you have many enemies in front of you on different planes, you may want to wait on sprinting.

You’ll also have to keep an eye on your stamina meter. The further you upgrade your stamina by levelling up, the better. When it runs out, your sprint will end.

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If you want to travel around quickly in the protagonists’ hometown, it’s best to use their bike rather than sprinting. Hold down the A button to summon it and ride it. It can get very fast, so be careful not to drive into the next area.

Being a fan of indie games can mean an empty slot in your physical collection, but Young Souls is actually receiving a boxed copy. Unfortunately, the Limited Run Games listing is sold out, but you can sprint on over to a used game store or Ebay to find a copy.

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