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Triangle Strategy – How to Acquire Kudos and Use Them Effectively

Triangle Strategy – How to Acquire Kudos and Use Them Effectively

I’ve been playing through a lot of Triangle Strategy since its release on Friday, and I’ve come to learn a lot of things that I’d wished someone would have explained to me when I started – this is one of those things, so let’s jump right into it.

After each battle in Triangle Strategy players will be rewarded with ”Kudos” depending on the missions they accomplish throughout the battle. These missions can consist of backstabbing an enemy or performing a follow-up attack.

So, what can you do with the Kudos you earn? These Kudos can be traded for what are called ”Quietues” in The Encampment, the army base camp where players can buy and sell items, via The Sundry shop vendor.

Quietues are one-time-use items that can be used in battle in order to gain the advantage, if used correctly. Although, if you upgrade them for long enough (again using Kudos) you will unlock the ability to use them multiple times during battle, which is super helpful.

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In order to use a Quietues in battle (on your turn) you must press the B button on your Nintendo Switch controller, and select ”Quietues” from the menu. Once you select your chosen one, it will be used straight away, providing whatever bonus you have selected.

Thank you for reading! Keep an eye out for more Triangle Strategy guides right here on Nintendo Link, we will be publishing more each day as well as our review which will be available to read later this week.

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