Sports Story Receiving New Update. Check out the Patch Notes!

A new update is soon to be released for the newly released Sports Story, Sidebar Games has announced. Players have reported numerous bugs and issues with the game, but those are soon to be fixed. Check out the patch notes below.

Sports Story

Sports Story Update Patch Notes

Tennis Academy

  • Speaking to the receptionist a second time after starting the baby court task will reset your progress but advance your mission. After downloading the patch, speak to the receptionist again to fix your quest progress.
  • Hitting the gong twice in a row can advance your mission progress. After downloading the patch, hit the gong again to fix your progress (unless you have already continued playing after this point).
  • A clue can be looted through the fence in the basement, meaning it will not be there when you need it later. After downloading the patch the clue will return when you need it.
  • The challenge on the left side will give a punch card now.
  • The baby tennis match should be less confusing.

Impressing Kelley Gibbon

  • Leaving and returning would make Kelley’s challenge starter disappear. After downloading the patch, speak to him again to get the challenge to reappear.

Returning to the Dark Whispers

  • This isn’t a bug but people have become stuck returning to the place where Cap breaks the bridge when the Perpetrator shows up. To escape, return through the previous rooms and push the coffee machine out of the way from the left side.

Catching Bees

  • Sometimes there were not enough bees entering the hive when trying to catch them. People with this issue will be able to proceed by waiting a certain amount of time during the challenge.

Chase Trade

See Also

  • Chase will not accept the offering trade if you don’t have more than $3 in your possession. This will be fixed in the patch, but it’s possible to get past in the meantime by making sure you have the cash.

Silver Mines Return

  • Returning to the Silver Mines on the mine cart could cause you to become stuck.

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