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Savior of the Abyss Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

Savior of the Abyss Out Now on Nintendo Switch!

ALLAUGH GAMES have released their latest horror adventure game today, Savior of the Abyss, on Nintendo Switch consoles!

Check out the trailer below:

About Savior of the Abyss

Let Savior of the Abyss take you on a journey, as it flavors its solid narrative with the fears surrounding the Cthulhu mythos. With death around every corner, gamers should be careful what choices they make as they dig up our protagonist’s secrets and help her escape her imprisonment.

With the help of the Giver—and at an agreed upon cost—the humans were able to drive the Tyrant from the Earth and were gifted a “spiritual barrier” to keep the great one from coming back. A group known as the Silent Guardians were formed in secret to protect this newly granted shield. The liberated human race then began to hunt the descendants of the Tyrant, sending the group into hiding to avoid extinction. 

Thousands of years later… for some reason unknown to the guardians, the barrier began to collapse. To prevent that from happening, the Guardians of Silence set up a research facility they named HPI. Long after its establishment, one unknown little girl wakes up in one of the cells of the underground detention facility.

That girl’s name is Stella. She ventures out of her cell in this old facility that feels much like a prison to discover what situation she has found herself in.

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The surrounding area is filled with bloodstains, corpses, and mysterious creatures that immediately attack the girl. Stella must overcome these life-threatening ordeals as she explores each area of the medical facility. In the process, she will learn the secrets of this facility and the reason she was brought here…

You can pick Savior of the Abyss right now from the Nintendo Store, with a 10% discount for its launch!

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this new horror title? Are you interested in checking it out? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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