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Back in May, shortly after Nintendo Switch Sports launched, I wrote an article called Sports We Would Love to See Added to Nintendo Switch Sports that highlighted five sports that could elevate the game and make it bigger and more accessible than ever. As I pointed out then, Golf is still on the horizon, and Dodgeball and Basketball are rumored thanks to some datamining, so we will not be covering those.

But I started playing the original Wii Sports again recently, and there was one particular sport that was missing from my first list. On top of that, I popped in Wii Sports Report for more ideas, and then I just started brainstorming what else could work for this franchise on the Nintendo Switch.

So without further ado, here are five more sports we would love to see added to Nintendo Switch Sports!


nintendo switch sports baseball

With the upcoming Golf update for Nintendo Switch Sports, Boxing and Baseball will be the only represented sports from Wii Sports to be absent in Nintendo Switch Sports. I mentioned Boxing in the previous article, as it would be a much better one-on-one sport than Chambara, but Baseball could have the excitement and charm that Soccer currently has thanks to its possible team-based gameplay.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the world right now, and bringing it back would excite a very large group of gamers. The only problem I could see that would prevent this sport from showing up is how exactly to bring it in. Unlike Soccer, Baseball is a slow-moving and more methodical sport, which means gameplay could slow down tremendously. However, having the option would still be attractive, and maybe limiting online play to one-on-one with three innings could work. Homerun Derby could be another way to bring a fun Baseball idea into Nintendo Switch Sports without compromising too much.


nintendo switch sports archery

Archery was included in Wii Sports Resorts, and this was a solid sport to play alone or with a friend. Some times it is the obscure sports that feel best in these Nintendo-themed titles, and after revisiting the Wii game, Achery was one of the best-controlled and most entertaining sports in the lineup. This has a lot of potential in Nintendo Switch Sports, too, as it could be similar to Bowling in how it is played online.

Imagine a group of 16 players all shooting their arrows at the same time, and the first round can include three shots moving back 5 meters at a time with no wind. 8 players move on to the second round where wind is introduced, making for a more complicated experience. This can continue onto the finals where the final two archers have to go through a small ring en route to the target, and whichever shooter is closest to the center wins! Big online matches shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes, which makes this an ideal sport to include.


nintendo switch sports skateboarding

This is my dark horse entry, as I understand bringing in either sport would not be easy into the Nintendo Switch Sports world. However, a Nintendo-themed Skateboarding or Snowboarding experience could be a ton of fun, and there are a lot of options for both single player and multiplayer gameplay, as racing, tricks, and points could all be ways to compete.

Personally, I think Skateboarding makes the most sense for the game, as a skate park would fit perfectly into Spocco Square. The offline here would be the most entertaining, as Nintendo could give us a free mode to just try out tricks and skate around the park, while also participating in other activities. Online matches could be either races or trick-based, where points are given based on tricks performed within a certain amount of time. Either way, this could potentially be the go-to sport in Nintendo Switch Sports if done right.


nintendo switch sports canoeing

Another sport from Wii Sports Resort, Canoeing would be a blast, especially in online competition. In Wii Sports Resort, Canoeing had two modes: Speed Challenge and VS. Both modes of play provided fun and unique gameplay unlike anything else, which made Canoeing a nice change up from the other sports. The Speed Challenge option could be available for local play in Nintendo Switch Sports, or it could also be an option for friends playing online together.

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But when it comes to online mode, one-on-one competition could be a ton of fun if they designed it well, as the Wii Sports Resort version gave out one point for every line you cross first. They could possibly update it for better and more balanced gameplay, but I think this could still work to make a nice and quick online competition. At the moment, there are not a lot of quick sports to play, so something like this would be refreshing, as one round could easily end in under 2 minutes.


nintendo switch sports judo
Image from Team USA Olympic site

Finally, I think a sport like Judo or Wrestling would be an awesome competitive sport to change up the standard one-on-one gameplay already available in Nintendo Switch Sports. But since Wrestling, particularly Greco-Roman and Freestyle, is a significantly more complicated sport to translate to a video game, I think Judo is the better option. It is still an incredibly difficult sport, but I think its rules may be easier to understand for newcomers making Judo a simpler sport to bring into Nintendo Switch Sports.

In Judo, there are three different types of scoring: Ippon, which is a considerable one-move win; Waza-ari, which is just under Ippon but the throw or hold didn’t quite meet the requirement. Two Waza-ari, like an Ippon, stops the match; and Yuko, a point given for a “particularly lacking” throw, and no amount of Yuko is equivalent to a Waza-ari or an Ippon (There is a bit more to it than that, but this sums is up well). For Nintendo Switch Sports, the goal could simply be to take control of your opponent and attempt a throw, and based on the amount of control you earned with your movements, you will be rewarded either an Ippon or a Waza-Ari. One Ippon gives you a point, and two Waza-Ari gives you a point. 3 points to win, and I think that would work well and be lots of fun.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your fun feature pieces and lists! What do you think of these extra suggestions for Nintendo Switch Sports? Would you be excited to play any of these sports within the game? Do you have different suggestions? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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