10 Unused Pokémon Dual Typings That Need to Be Featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokémon Dual Typings Featured Image - Pikachu and Machamp

With Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the horizon, there’s bound to be another wave of new and exciting Pokémon to discover in the upcoming generation. New Pokémon have always been my favorite part of each new generation, and I honestly can’t wait to see what Game Freak brings to the table on top of what we’ve seen already.

But looking back on it, despite the fact that we already have well over 900 Pokémon now, it’s a bit surprising that there are still 16 dual typings that simply have not been used yet. Even after 25 years, 16 is a rather big number, and although some types of combos are better than others, there are so many that feel like missed opportunities. But as they say, better late than never!

This list will go over ten currently unused Pokémon dual typings that should be featured in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

The ten unused Pokémon dual typings that we want to see in Scarlet and Violet are:

  1. Fire/Grass
  2. Ice/Poison
  3. Poison/Steel
  4. Rock/Ghost
  5. Electric/Fighting
  6. Bug/Dragon
  7. Ground/Fairy
  8. Fighting/Fairy
  9. Bug/Dark
  10. Fire/Fairy

1. Fire/Grass

Fire/Grass Pokémon - Scorbunny and Treeko

The idea of two completely opposite types coming together in one Pokémon has been used quite a few times throughout Pokémon history. Perhaps the most notable example is the Mythical Pokémon Volcanion, which is both a Fire-type and Water-type at the same time. Such a thing can easily happen again, and the best combination to fit that bill would be a Fire/Grass-type Pokemon!

Not only would it be a unique combination of two opposite forces of nature, but it would also lend itself to some incredibly creative design concepts. There have been numerous ideas tossed around over the years for a Fire/Grass-type Pokémon, from chili peppers to a burning bush to a tiki to a campfire, the possibilities are quite vast. I’m a personal fan of the chili pepper idea, which could easily work both because we’ve seen sentient plants as Pokémon before and because it might fit well with the themes of Generation 9’s region, but that is just one possible option out of many.

Regardless, this is an idea that would be too good to pass up, and I am hopeful Game Freak will keep it in consideration.

2. Ice/Poison

Ice/Poison Pokémon - Mega Glalie and Arbok

Coming off the cusp of two unlike things coming together, how about two things that have almost nothing to do with each other becoming one? Fire, water, and grass are all elemental forces that, despite being different, have a relationship with one another: fire burns grass, grass absorbs water, and water puts out fire. They’re connected in some way. But ice and poisonous substances? There’s no connection to be made – and that’s what makes it perfect.

While the type combination itself would have quite a few weaknesses, the concept is so interesting that it may make up for its shortcomings because the two things have no relationship. But that could be the fun that comes with it, like trying to come up with a new recipe. At first, you may not see how two ingredients can work together, but you’ll never know until you try it. For a typing, like this, embracing that will be key. It could be something that is still natural, like a poisonous frog that has adapted to a cold environment, or something unnatural, like frozen sewage or toxic waste trapped in a block or sheet of ice.

Whatever Game Freak comes up with, it’s certain to be a Pokémon unlike any other we’ve seen so far, both in its typing and its concept.

3. Poison/Steel

Poison/Steel Pokémon - Garbodor and Metagross

Keeping up with the train of two totally different things coming together, one combination that may lead to some interesting ideas is Poison/Steel. This is a bit of an odd one because Steel is a type that is actually immune to Poison (under normal circumstances at least), and this combination would keep that trait while making it weak to only type (Ground) and adding in a pretty good sum resistances. So from a competitive standpoint, this would be a pretty powerful type of combination, but the question still remains of how exactly it could be executed.

One idea that could work is an alien of sorts, perhaps a slimy creature that inhabits a mechanical suit. But that may be a bit too simple, especially since there is already a lot of alien Pokémon. They could do something that has to do with pollution, perhaps a robot that spews toxic chemicals and smoke, or a creature that is literally a vat of toxic waste. These ideas are a bit more abstract than I would like to see, but the potential is still there.

I definitely this is a type worth experimenting with, both for its competitive viability and the many ways it could be brought to life.

4. Rock/Ghost

Rock/Ghost Pokémon - Gigalith and Gengar

This is a combination that I actually had to double-check on to make sure it actually has not been done yet because honestly, this is the most baffling one. While I can understand why combinations like Fire/Grass or Poison/Steel have not happened yet because of the numerous possibilities for them, Rock/Ghost is one that seems impeccably simple by comparison. Just make a rock golem or something that is possessed by a spirit.

Oh wait a minute, they did that already with Golurk, which is a Ground/Ghost. I almost feel Game Freak dodged that on purpose and Golurk was originally supposed to be a Rock-type, but I will admit that is just how I feel. Regardless, Rock/Ghost could still easily be made into a Pokémon. Just Googling it brings up images of statues possessed by evil spirits – including Golurk and Spiritomb, funnily enough. It’s even worse when you think about the fact that spirit stones exist across hundreds of cultures – possibly including Spanish culture – it just seems odd that after 25+ years this type combo has never shown up before.

While it would not be a particularly strong or interesting type combo, it’s one that seems so simple that is really odd it just hasn’t been done after all this time.

5. Electric/Fighting

Electric/Fighting Pokémon - Rotom and Hawlucha

This is another one that I am surprised has not been done yet, but not to the same extent as Rock/Ghost. The weird thing about this type is that, if it were implemented, a lot of physical Electric-type moves would need to add to make it viable. Electric is, obviously, a mostly Special-oriented type, and usually associated with moves like Thunderbolt and Charge Beam.

Fighting, on the other hand, is a mostly Physical type, with a lot of moves involving punching and kicking like Mach Punch, for instance. This means that the two types are generally polar opposites in terms of their attacking potency, and one is just not designed to fit the role of the other.

As of Generation 8, 12 out of the 45 Electric-type moves in Pokémon are physical moves (not counting G-Max or Z-Moves). These include Wild Charge, Nuzzle, Volt Tackle, Zing Zap, Zippy Zap, Aura Wheel, Bolt Strike, Bolt Beak, Thunder Fang, Thunder Punch, Spark, and Plasma Fists. However, out of these twelve, six of them are signature moves, and one – Zing Zap – used to be the signature move of Togedemaru before being given to Pinchurchin. On top of that, many of them apart from Bolt Strike and Wild Charge are not particularly strong.

This would make a potential Electric/Fighting Pokémon a bit lacking in the physical Electric move department, which is a shame because Pokémon like Zeraora and Electivire provide seeds of what a creature like this could fight and look like.

As a result, while it may require either updating the roster of physical Electric moves or tweaking it in some way to make the existing moves more accessible to other Electric-types, this is a type combo I’d like to see simply because of the concept of combining two types that are very different in terms of battle use.

6. Bug/Dragon

Bug/Dragon Pokémon - Yanmega and Dragonite

This is a type combo that is long overdue. Not only is Bug so far the only type that has not been paired with Dragon in some way, but the concept of an insectoid-dragon creature is also too cool to pass up. What’s worse is that there are few Pokemon that exist today that, while not actually Bug/Dragon-type, easily could be, those being Flygon and Yanmega. I mean, Yanmega is literally based on a dragonfly. How do you miss that opportunity?

Even if it is not based strictly on a dragonfly, a Bug/Dragon-type Pokémon could still easily make for one of the most unique Pokémon designs out there, as trying to combine a reptilian creature with an insect just sounds cool on its own. In the competitive department, it only combines the weaknesses of both types and adds a few resistances here and there, so while it may not be the most powerful combo, a Dragon-type on its own would still be nothing to scoff at.

It would be awesome regardless though… and maybe a little gross.

7. Ground/Fairy

Ground/Fairy Pokémon - Rhydon and Clefable

This is a bit weird type combo because there isn’t really much to go off in terms of a design basis, but it could still easily work and, funnily enough, would be one of the best types in the game. It would have four weaknesses, but in exchange, it would get four resistances to some very common attacking types like Fighting and Rock, as well as total immunity to Dragon and Electric. It could also sport a good combination of Ground and Fairy-type moves for a good mix of special and physical offense. A pretty decent typing all around.

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In terms of what design they could go for, perhaps something akin to a more earthen creature in folklore, since some fairy types are based on mythological creatures as opposed to just fairies. Maybe a dwarf or gnome, or perhaps another goblin Pokemon that is more rugged. Or a straight earth fairy could still be just fine.

All in all, this wouldn’t be the most interesting or necessary combo, but it would be fun to see what could come of it.

8. Fighting/Fairy

Fighting/Fairy Pokémon - Lucario and Sylveon

Now, this is a combo that would just be plain awesome. It is once again a type combo that would be similar to something like Fire/Grass or Electric/Fighting: two opposite or unlike things coming together to form one. But the thing with Fighting and Fairy is that they are completely polar opposite aesthetically, but the possibilities for what the Pokémon could be would be so fun to try and make something out of.

The image of a magical warrior comes to mind almost immediately, that uses a combination of spells and good ol’ fisticuffs! Fairy is already a powerful special type, and much like Electric there are very few physical Fairy-type moves. But in spite of that, a Fighting/Fairy type is something I hope we get next-gen, if only for how unique and dangerous it would be in battle.

9. Bug/Dark

Bug/Dark Pokémon - Mega Beedrill and Zoroark

This is perhaps the strangest type we’ve discussed so far. For one, it would kind of suck because Bug already has a lot of weaknesses, and stacking Dark on top of it doesn’t really help much. On the other hand, however, it sounds like it would make for an absolutely sick design on paper, and one that could have quite the interesting Pokédex entry.

It could also make a lot of sense since insects often have a negative connotation to them anyways and are often associated with things that are gross, creepy, or in some cases, horrific. Think of spiders sucking their prey dry or some of the dangerous attributes of insects like bullet ants or killer bees. I mean dang they’re called killer bees for crying out loud. That’s pretty dark on its own, so it’s a bit surprising this sort of combination has not been used yet considering how many insects would fit the bill.

While it may not be the most competitively viable or strong, it would be awfully fitting. and with there would be a plentiful amount of potential candidates to choose from.

10. Fire/Fairy

Fire/Fairy Pokémon - Arcanine and Mega Gardevoir

Fire/Fairy is probably the simplest type combination on this entire list, but that does not make it a bad one by any means. A Pokémon like this would be pretty strong actually, with seven resistances to a few common attacking help offset its four weaknesses, and pretty good offensive viability. On top of that, it could easily work as the concept of an elemental fairy or fairytale creature is certainly not uncommon in folklore.

But considering this is Pokémon, they could easily take this simple concept in numerous directions. Delphox is an example of a Pokemon that easily could have been Fire/Fairy, given its clear association with witches and mages, so perhaps a creature that is simply a magical being like a sorcerer or troll or even an animal could work. The image of a Pegasus-based evolution to the Rapidish line is something many fans might be familiar with, and in all honesty, there’s no real reason Game Freak can’t make a Pokémon like that.

In summary, Fire/Fairy is a simple type combo that should have been done by now (feel like I’ve said that a lot) but that does not mean it lacks potential, and I’d love to see how Game Freak interprets it.

Just give us a Pegasus-based Rapidish please, it can’t be that hard can it?

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this list of the unused Dual-Typings? Do you like any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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