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Pokemon Gift Guide For The Holidays 2022

Pokemon Gift Guide For The Holidays 2022

Pokemon Gift Guide 2022

The Pokemon series has been through some ups and downs over 2022, but the franchise is as popular as ever. Here’s a Pokemon Gift Guide that will satisfy the kids and the young at heart, who still love the adorable series to this day.

Pokemon Gift Guide – The Latest Games

Pokemon Gift Guide Scarlet Violet
Image via Nintendo

2022 has seen two major Pokemon games released that have changed the formula forever. The first Pokemon Legends: Arceus gives us more open areas which have us find Pokemon in the world and catch them in a stealthy manner. There are also some tough battles along the way, but the emphasis is on the exploration of the wild areas. The story is also some of the best in the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been released to less acclaim with some major performance issues like lag and graphical glitches. However, if you ignore the ugliness of the game, the open world is exciting for Pokemon fans all over and the game is still a strong effort from developer Game Freak.

There is more emphasis on battling in Scarlet and Violet, but if the Pokemon fan in your life prefers exploring more, Legends: Arceus is the way to go. The latter was released in January, however, so check first whether they have the game or not before purchasing this gift.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Pokemon Trading Card Game Gift Guide 2022
Images via GameStop Canada and Big W

The latest expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword and Shield Silver Tempest is now on store shelves. It has some absolutely beautiful V STAR or VMAX cards based on Alolan Vulpix, Lugia, Regidrago, and Regieleki. The best way to go about this expansion is to get one of the trainer boxes. It is currently $10 off at GameStop at the time of writing.

It comes with eight booster packs (with 12 cards each), 45 Energy cards. six damage counter dice, 65 Alolan Vulpix card sleeves, a player’s guide, one competition legal coin-flip die, two acrylic condition markers, one acrylic VSTAR marker, and a collector’s box that comes with four dividers.

If you’re on more of a budget, the Poke Ball tins are also a neat present you can get. They look great on a shelf as a replica of the item, but they also carry three Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go booster packs and two sticker sheets. You can get them at a $3.25 discount at GameStop as well. They’re regular price at GAME in the UK.

Pokemon Gift Guide – Anime and Manga

Pokemon Secrets of the Jungle Blu-ray
Image via The Pokemon Company

There is so much Pokemon media to choose from when it comes to anime and manga that it’s hard to decide what’s best. Thankfully, we have a few ideas to help you in this Pokemon Gift Guide.

For old-school fans, we recommend picking up the Pokemon Adventures manga. The publisher VIZ Media brought back the classic book from when the first generation and it has so much charm behind the drawings. The full seven-volume set is currently on offer for $32.98 on Amazon at $17 off and it will bring that old-school Pokemon fan back to their childhood.

To coincide with the Pokemon Adventures manga, you can get the first season of the anime for 40% off ($30.12) on Blu-ray at Amazon. That would be the ultimate blast of nostalgia for a classic fan of the series. All of these prices may change and were reported at the time of writing.

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For new fans of Pokemon, you can pick up the four volumes of the Pokemon Journeys manga. Each volume is relatively inexpensive and offers fun humour for the family. It would be a great stocking stuffer as the books are small. The latest Secrets of the Jungle movie was also released on Blu-ray and DVD in October; it currently has a five-star rating on Amazon and seems to have been received positively by fans. Therefore, we think it’s a good addition to the Pokemon Gift Guide.

Pokemon Gift Guide – Toys

Pokemon Gift Guide Toys
Images via Amazon

Pokemon and toys are synonymous with each other, and there are some interesting things you can buy for your child or child at heart this holiday season.

First, is the Nanoblock construction sets for Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle. They’re absolutely adorable and reflect the classic look of Pokemon Red and Blue. They build like Lego but form some lovely 1-2 inch 3D models. These are good teaching tools for kids and will be a fun experience during the holidays. This might be for older kids, however, as the bricks are quite small and shouldn’t be ingested.

The Pokemon Trainer Guess is a good mindbender as well for the little ones. You select a Pokemon out of the list and then a Pokeball device will ask questions about it. It will then guess the Pokemon and you can tick it off an included list in the box. It’s a fun little toy that will keep your kids entertained for a little while. The toy manufacturer says that it has “sound and light effects for a unique Pokémon experience,” so we think it’s a good addition to the Pokemon Gift Guide.

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