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Best Switch Horror Games For Halloween

Best Switch Horror Games For Halloween

Best Halloween Games Best Switch Horror Games

It’s that spooky time of year when the ghosts begin to settle into their mansions and many trick-or-treaters roam the streets. It’s Halloween! To help settle your need for scary frights and terrifying gameplay, here are the best Switch horror games for Halloween. We’ll be separating this by age group from kids to adults.

Best Switch Horror Games for Kids Or The Young At Heart

Kids love to get spooked during the month of October, but if you’re a parent that wants to experience the season without blood and gore, this section is for you.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion Switch Horror Games
Image via Nintendo

It’s a shame that the first two Luigi’s Mansion games aren’t on Switch, but at least we have the third, which is arguably the best. It has personality-filled graphics with many locales to visit within the mansion. In this game, you use Luigi’s vacuum to pull in ghosts, similar to the movie Ghostbusters.

You’ll be going through a bunch of puzzles, and if you’re a parent, Luigi’s Mansion 3 would be a good way to spend some time with the kids. There is also a co-op mode for you to try. You can even get the Luigi’s Mansion LEGO set if your kids like the game.

Pumpkin Jack

Switch Horror Games Halloween Pumpkin Jack
Image via Headup

Pumpkin Jack is a little more frightening than Luigi’s Mansion 3, but it still is a decent 3D platformer you should consider. It has unique orange and green visuals that play up the Halloween vibe and playing as Pumpkin Jack is fun as he has a variety of weapons he can utilize.

There are some simple puzzles that the younglings can enjoy as Pumpkin Jack progresses to take over the world. There is some dark humor within the game, but if you like films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride, your kids should be fine. We gave the game a 75/100 rating in our review.

Best Switch Horror Games For Adults

The Resident Evil Series

The Resident Evil series is honestly the most prolific gaming franchise in the horror space. There are many great experiences on the hybrid system from this Capcom series, primarily Resident Evil Revelations. While Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4 are classics in and of themselves, Revelations has the most modern controls and stays true to the original survivor horror formula that makes the series stand out among its competition.

If you’re looking for a co-op experience, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are okay entries that give you some scares but provide way too much Call of Duty style action to make them true horror games. They’re okay, but not great.

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Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares Best Switch Horror Games
Image via Bandai Namco

Little Nightmares is one of those few indie horror games that truly nails the atmosphere, gameplay, and story. It delivers in every aspect. The visuals are vulgar, dark, and mysterious as you try to escape your surroundings. It reminds us of several Tim Burton movies with how the characters are animated. The puzzles are well-designed, and the set-piece moments truly make you jump with fright. You’re in for a spooky treat as Little Nightmares is one of the best Switch horror games.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Best Switch Horror Games
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular and best Switch horror games for a reason. In this multiplayer game, you’re working with three teammates to turn some generators on and escape from a player-controlled monster. It gets tense, scary, and above all, exciting as you are either running away or chasing after your victims as the monster. Some cameo characters from Dead by Daylight have included Albert Wesker from Resident Evil and Ghostface from the film Scream.

We’ve certainly missed some excellent horror games on the Nintendo Switch. Which ones stand out to you? Let us know in the comments below! And thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link.

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