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Grid Force Mask of the Goddess Releasing This September on Nintendo Switch

Grid Force Mask of the Goddess Releasing This September on Nintendo Switch

Dreamnauts Studio and Gravity Game Arise have announced that their upcoming tactical bullet-hell RPG game, Grid Force Mask of the Goddess, will be coming to Switch when it releases on September 15th!

Take a look at the trailer below:

About Grid Force Mask of the Goddess

Grid Force” is a real-time tactical bullet hell RPG with a large diverse roster of over 28 heroes to recruit, train and evolve. Commonly mistaken for turn based, the battles are all real-time with lightning fast combat that is instantly addictive as you take on wave after wave or increasingly intense enemies in your attempt to conquer the grid!

A deep and passionate story, featuring an all female cast. Take on the mantle of Donna, a fighter shrouded in mystery, as she traverses the world of Gora meeting friends and building her team of heroines to unravel her origins and save her and her friends future. Told through beautifully hand illustrated manga-style comics embark on a journey where each decision you make could earn you a new friend or a new rival.

Build a squad of 4 heroes, paying close attention to their abilities, playstyles and elemental type. Actively switch between each of your squad members to meet the challenges the encroaching throw against you.

There are Champions, Spellbinders, Defenders and Valiants classes to choose from, and each character has their own unique regular and heavy attack and special skills. Which elements the characters use can also affect the damage you inflict and take. If you have trouble beating a certain wave of baddies, switching around your crew might be just the ticket.

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Collect various shards from the waves of enemies you defeat and use them to power up your roster. Make sure you pay attention to the abilities and element type of the characters you spend your shards on. The more powerful a character becomes, the more skills and abilities you can unlock.

Lastly hunt down and make sure to equip the precious masks. Not only are these relics of incredible importance, they each will imbue a character for a time with the power of a goddess to devastate the enemy.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this exciting new indie game? Are you interested? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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