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Frogsong Hopping Onto Nintendo Switch

Frogsong Hopping Onto Nintendo Switch

Brandon Braun funded their heartfelt adventure game, Frogsong, through Kickstarter last summer raising almost CA$30,000, and now they have announced it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Here’s the trailer, if you haven’t seen it:

About Frogsong

Chorus is a little frog with huge dreams of protecting the world. Being a tree frog, however, society expects them to lead a life of religious studies, instead of training to be a warrior. Their small size certainly doesn’t help anyone take them seriously, either. Seeking a better life, Chorus moves to Boreala, a village where members of the Defense Guild train under the wisdom of an old veteran. They quickly learn things aren’t going to be as easy as they hoped. With a powerful army and a mysterious rumor both on the rise, Chorus needs to discover how they can protect the ones they love – before it’s too late.

There is no official release date for Frogsong on the Switch just yet, but we will keep you updated as and when it happens! They are currently working on the PC build first, and the Switch port will follow some time afterward.

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