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5 Nintendo Characters We Want In Fortnite

5 Nintendo Characters We Want In Fortnite

Fortnite is a massively popular title that has seen the likes of Kratos and Master Chief from PlayStation and Xbox, and yet no Nintendo characters have made the jump to Epic Games’ universe. We see this as a missed opportunity, but if this ever occurs, these are the Nintendo characters we want to see in Fortnite.

Captain Falcon

nintendo characters fortnite

Fortnite is ridiculous. Captain Falcon is ridiculous. We can see the F-Zero bounty hunter heading to Epic Games’ battle royale sooner rather than later. With a unique and whacky personality, he can fit into the Fortnite universe better than others.

We can see him saying “Come On!” and “Falcon Punch!” as he eliminates his foes in the game. He can use his Blue Rider as a glider, similar to The Mandalorian. Maybe we could even ride one of the F-Zero machines as a car. There’s a lot of possibilities with this one, and it would give the dormant series more exposure to a wider audience.


nintendo characters fortnite

The Hero of Time has had many iterations over the years, and we think Fortnite could have its own version of Link. Sporting the legendary tunic in a more sporty style, Link could ride Epona from one section of the map to the next. You could add so many skins and customization options to the character. For example, Link could have the Master Sword as a harvesting tool or Midna as an animated backpack.

In addition, why not have all the different outfits Link has worn over the past? Perhaps, Hyrule Castle could be a location that can be explored in Fortnite. We’ve seen third parties handle Link before with the Hyrule Warriors series from Koei Tecmo and the Oracles games from Capcom. Epic Games could certainly join in the fun, and Link’s inclusion would make a lot of cash for Nintendo.


nintendo characters fortnite

Just like Captain Falcon, Pit is also a heavily underused Nintendo character that can get a revival in Fortnite. His bumbling and vibrant personality matches perfectly with the cartoonish world that Epic Games has created. He has a huge arsenal of weapons that Epic Games can utilize within the game and as harvesting tools from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Also, Pit can be given the chariot as a way to glide into the world below. We’d love for him to come back in some shape or form other than the Super Smash Bros. series after almost 10 years of exile. Fortnite might be his return ticket.


nintendo characters fortnite

Talking about a large arsenal of weapons, Samus Aran would fit the bill perfectly in Fortnite. Initially rumored to appear in the game alongside Master Chief and Lara Croft as a gaming legend, Samus has yet to appear in the battle royale. She would fit perfectly.

A cool look, unique weapons, outfit potential like her Zero Suit, and her neat spaceship would all be at home in Fortnite. After the success of Metroid Dread, this would be a great way for more of the public to know Samus and the series she hails from.


nintendo characters fortnite

The Xenoblade Chronicles series is becoming more popular with each entry as the sequel sold over two million copies worldwide. However, that number could be much greater if Shulk appears in Fortnite. Publicity helps the niche JRPGs to succeed. With his entrance into Fortnite, he can use the Monado as a harvesting tool and could have two different costumes: his normal outfit and his infamous swimsuit that was featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Guns are also used in the series, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented for Shulk to pick up one to win the fight. We’d love to see the imagery of Gaur Plains to be integrated into Fortnite as well, but we’d be happy regardless if the Monado boy dropped into Fortnite. Pyra & Mythra would be cool to see in the game, too.

Whether or not Nintendo characters show up in Fortnite remains to be seen, but we’d love for their colorful cast to appear in the game. PlayStation and Xbox has taken the leap, and Nintendo is the last pillar to not be involved.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this list of Nintendo characters that should make the jump to Fortnite? Do you agree? Would you pick someone different? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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