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Nintendo Link’s Favorite Game Soundtracks

Nintendo Link’s Favorite Game Soundtracks

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Hello readers! It’s me, The Never Yak, here to give you an introduction. Recently, I had the idea that everyone who works with Nintendo Link should write a small piece on their favorite game soundtracks, and we could compile it into this list right here. The soundtrack can be any composer, from any genre, and from any game, so if you’re on the hunt for some great new gaming scores to listen to, or you’re just keen to get to know our writers better, I hope you enjoy reading this fun and interesting list.

Again, my name is The Never Yak, and these are Nintendo Link’s favorite game soundtracks! Enjoy.

The Never Yak – Night In The Woods

game soundtracks - night in the woods

I could probably spend months pondering over what my absolute favourite game soundtrack actually is, so after a lot of thinking and re-listening to soundtracks that I hadn’t taken the time to fully appreciate in a while, I decided to go with the incredible original soundtrack from Night In The Woods. I think what I love so much about this music is how each song fits the mood of the area amazingly well. To the extent that when I’m drawing or writing on a rainy day, I’ll listen to the rainy day music that plays in Night In The Woods.

It’s so emotive and really adds a sense of depth to each encounter. As Night In The Woods is so driven by story and your own personal choices, there’s no way for you to hear all the music in just one run.

Listening to the full soundtrack separately from the game actually motivated me to go back and replay two or three extra times, just so I could hear where each individual tune went in the story. The songs you play with the band in game are also spectacular, and people have made some properly amazing covers of them. I’d suggest listening to just five minutes of the soundtrack, and I think you’ll be able to understand why I love it so much.

Chris Z – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

game soundtrack xenoblade chronicles 2

Somewhat confusingly, my pick for my favorite game soundtrack comes from a title I have yet to play. I have chosen Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles (A game I did in fact play and enjoy), and while I have not played the game, I have extensively listened to the soundtrack because it’s just that good.

As a JRPG the standard, orchestral pieces are mostly what is on offer, but they are far beyond standard in the scope, breadth, and execution. Ranging from relaxing, emotional pieces such as “Where We Used to Be” through to more adventurous pieces like the borderline bombastic Argentum (Day) theme.

Clocking in at almost 8 hours of music running the gamut of emotion and a wide range of cultural influence, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the epitome of a JRPG soundtrack, and if the game lives up to the music, I really should get around to playing it.

Chelly – Life Is Strange

game soundtracks life is strange

Music is a massive thing for me in video games. A game’s soundtrack can make or break a title. It can really set your emotions going through, and it’s hard to find a game that can have all of good gameplay, story, and a brilliant soundtrack.

The game for me with all three of these things is Life is Strange, which will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch as a Remastered Collection on February 1, 2022. Every scene is set with the music and often made me incredibly emotional to the point that I would actually cry.

I can’t wait to experience this game again when it releases early next year on the Nintendo Switch.

Peterdea – Donkey Kong 64

game soundtrack donkey kong 64

I know exactly what my colleagues are thinking right now. They’re thinking “Alright, Peterdea, hurry up and get your Donkey Kong 64 section out of the way right now so we can move on to something else!” Let me just say on that topic, they are allowed to disagree with me, as they are allowed to be completely wrong.

You see, Donkey Kong 64 is literally a perfect game in every conceivable way. The soundtrack is no exception, but you’d expect no less from the genius Grant Kirkhope. But even without Mr Kirkhope’s fantastic work, you’d still have “DK Rap”, which is one of the coolest intros in video game history. Prove me wrong (You know you can’t).

In all seriousness, every level in Donkey Kong 64 is themed a certain way, be it a lush forest, a dark cave, or a spooky castle. Grant Kirkhope managed to seamlessly create songs for each area that not only fits those themes but also feels right for a Donkey Kong game. None if it gets repetitive either. It’s perfect background noise that builds on what you are seeing on screen, and it really helps with the immersion.

Jason – N++

game soundtrack n++

N++ truly has one of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history! There are 68 tracks that just pump your blood like no other soundtrack out there. Metanet Software got the hookups from a lot of different musicians to powerup N++ in the absolute perfect way, and each track is so full of life and power that is makes the excessive amount of deaths that will inevitably happen completely fine. You will want to keep playing so that you can finish listening to all of the spectacular songs.

Some of my favorite gaming memories involve the soundtracks to the N series. When my partner and I first got married, we often played N+ (The previous entry), and we would break out into dances. When N++ came out, it became a part of my family’s life, and to this day, we regularly have dance parties to the soundtrack. Our favorite song, “I Left the Party”, is an absolute banger, and on an emotional note, it was the last song we listened to as a family before we left Japan after 10 years living there.

There is so much power and emotion in the soundtrack, and you should just listen to many of the songs on Spotify, as they are brilliant, as is the game itself. For the entire soundtrack, you want to head over to

James – Solatorbo: Red the Hunter

game soundtracks solatorbo: red the hunter

The original soundtrack from Solatorbo: Red the Hunter will always have a special place in my heart. Ever since I first picked up the game and got to experience firsthand how vast and beautiful its world is, the thing that always stood out in my mind the most was the music.

It somehow manages to perfectly be both adventurous and epic, as well as somber and melancholic when it needs to be, which shines most especially in the moments where the game takes a darker turn later on in the story.

My favorite track from the game simply has to be the ending theme “Re CODA”, which in my opinion might just be the most beautiful song ever made. I literally can’t stop myself from crying every time I listen to it, and you know what? I think that’s a sign of something really special.

Thank you for tuning in to Nintendo Link‘s Favorite Game Soundtracks! What did you think of our picks? Were you intrigued or surprised by any? What are your favorite game soundtracks? Let us know in the comments below!

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