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Bouncy Bullets 2 Switch Review – Boing! Boing! Boing!

Bouncy Bullets 2 Switch Review – Boing! Boing! Boing!

bouncy bullets 2

Bouncy Bullets came out back in 2019, and I guess it was great enough to merit a sequel. Bouncy Bullets 2 is now on the Nintendo Switch, and it is pretty much more of the same shenanigans as the first. This first-person shooter/platformer is a colorful and bizarre outing, but that is not why you are here.

Is Bouncy Bullets 2 worth your mighty dollar? Or are these bullets duds and need to be trashed? Let’s find out!

bouncy bullets 2

Bouncy Bullets 2 is a 3D puzzle platformer with first-person shooter elements. It is an idea that has been used many times before, but this series focuses on the short bursts and quick restarts that let you get right back into the game after dying. Think of something like Super Meat Boy in that it is easy to die, easy to restart, and can be quite difficult to clear (Albeit this is significantly less difficult than Super Meat Boy).

The premise of the game, as made very clear by the title, is that your bullets bounce. They bounce off the floor, off walls, and even off of your avatar. Shooting is key to survival and quick level clearing, and there are certain enemies that are prone to different shooting methods, like Yellow baddies needing to be shot with the yellow bullets (Left trigger), Red baddies needing to be shot with red bullets (Right trigger), and Black baddies that need to be killed with bouncing bullets (Doesn’t matter the color, just that it has to bounce before making contact). It is a simple premise, but it does add some layers to the platforming and combat.

The platforming is less than stellar, though, and I think that is equal parts due to the fact that it is a first-person shooter (Infamous for difficult platforming) and it is a bit slippery. The slippery side can be quite frustrating, especially when you make solid jumps on platforms, landing on the edge, and then finding yourself sliding off the platform and to your death. Winding and thin platforms can be a nightmare, because you feel like you are constantly falling due to this slipping/sliding mechanic when you are near an edge.

bouncy bullets 2

Bouncy Bullets 2 is split up into two modes and three difficulties. The two modes are Classic Mode and Speedrun Mode, but neither of those differ. Classic is basically running against the clock as you make your way through the dangers and into the portal/goal. In Speedrun Mode, it is basically the same thing, but instead of a clock counting down, it is a clock counting up. There are no online leaderboards, so the scoring and speedrun times are moot if you are looking for any proper competition. Then there are Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties that all offer their own unique levels for both modes, too, and that is about it.

There are also some hidden Golden Nuggets in each level that are genuinely fun to find and get, but it is not required to collect them, survive, and then reach the goal. You can simply collect the nugget, die, and then finish the level normally and still get credit for collecting. Outside of the Golden Nuggets, there are random platforms around the levels that add some more personality, and you can even jump to a lot of them. I mean, you will be doing this mostly for fun, but it is something else to do if you get bored.

For some reason, Bouncy Bullets 2 is less vibrant and colorful than the first title, and I am not sure why that is the case. It still looks fine, but it is lacking that wide range of color use that made the first one pop out more. The soundtrack this time around does not mesh with the game as well as the original Bouncy Bullets. As with the graphics, it is still fine, but it seems like it has moved away from the natural sounds of a game like this.

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Bouncy Bullets 2 is a strange one for me, because it comes off as lesser than its predecessor in just about every way. There are less levels, less colors, and seemingly less things to do. It is not a bad game, as the shooting feels good and is pretty solid, but it is hard to neglect the difficult platforming, especially with the slippery mechanics and some times harder levels are just throwing more stuff at you instead of creating a more challenging set up.

One of its biggest strength is in its price, though, which is incredibly affordable, and there is a lot on offer, meaning more bang for your buck. However, considering Bouncy Bullet also costs $4.99 and is the overall better option, my recommendation would lean towards the the original over the sequel. However, at the end of the day, both titles are so cheap that getting both of them would not hurt your wallet too much. Just keep in mind that both games can be cleared in a day or two and do not give a whole lot of reason to come back, and that is thanks largely to the lack of online leaderboards (Despite the fact that both games have leaderboards!).

So if you are looking for a quick, little afternoon first-person shooter/platformer, I am sure you will find enough entertainment here, but there are significantly better options in the same genre, including the first title in the series.

Bouncy Bullets 2 Review provided by Nintendo Link
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Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Petite Games
Release Date: October 8th, 2021
Price: $4.99£4.99€4,99
Game Size: 113 MB

bouncy bullets 2

Shooting feels good

Lots to do (Albeit less than the first game)

Great price point


Platforming is quite frustrating, especially thanks to slippery edges

No incentive for leaderboards (No online)

Bouncy Bullet 1 is the better option across the board

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