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Hero.EXE, Action-RPG, Funding On Kickstarter!

Hero.EXE, Action-RPG, Funding On Kickstarter!

Kickstarter is bringing us another great game to the Nintendo Switch with Hero.EXE, an action-RPG game from Mystery Egg Games.

It’s already smashed its £15k target on Kickstarter and is currently breaking into the £25k mark which is amazing. It can be backed until October 20th!

Take a look at the trailer:

About Hero.EXE

Hero.EXE is an action RPG made by Mystery Egg Games. Connect to the internet of another world where digital beings called A.V.As (Artificial Virtual Assistants) roam the digital world. Choose your A.V.A. and go on an adventure to change both of our worlds. 

Hero.EXE is a strange game. Part Visual Novel, part Trading Card Game, and an Action RPG? Here are a few of the great games that inspire a lot of the mechanics you’ll find in the game!

-One Step From Eden
-Fire Emblem
-Magic The Gathering

Hero.EXE is a single-player story-focused experience. You are an active part of the story. Each A.V.A. is a living thing that will act and respond to your actions. Each of them have their own personalities and goals, something you will need to weigh when making decisions. Every A.V.A. has their own histories, stories, and relationships that have an effect on your play-through. We want Hero.EXE to feel like the characters are actually there– ready to take on whatever the Grid has to throw at you, together!

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Hero.EXE uses a classic real-time grid-based combat system. Pilot your A.V.A. around the tiles in order to both fire and avoid attacks. During the compile phase, you pause time and can draw cards from your custom deck. This allows you to construct powerful combinations of codes.  Use strategy and skill to navigate the battlefield and destroy your enemies!

Check out the full details here at their Kickstarter page and consider backing if you are interested.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of this new game? Are you interested? Will you be backing it? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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