Loopindex Switch Review – Cooperative Robot Puzzles


Loopindex is a puzzle game where you control two robots that need certain commands in order to progress, and there is even a cooperative mode if you would like to play with a friend.

This is another short-but-sweet title from Ratalaika Games that will not break the bank, but is this indie puzzle title worth your time and money? Let’s find out!


Loopindex is a super-cute idea. The game can be played in either single player or cooperative, but the game is essentially the same no matter which way you play. There are two robots, an orange one and a blue one, and they must work together to solve puzzles and get to the elevator in order to move on to the next puzzle.

It is a relatively short and sweet experience, and the robots look very cute, although their designs are hard to see given their small sizes in relation to the stages. The overall design is very well done, as indicators are super-clear and tutorials do a wonderful job introducing you to knew mechanics as they are dropped.

The puzzles themselves are honestly a bit too easy. Through the 70+ stages, I rarely found myself scratching my head, as very few puzzles took more than a couple minutes (Or less) to figure out. Despite that, the puzzles are still fun, and the cooperative element makes for a good ol’ time.


Controls, on the other hand, are a bit strange, especially in single player. You can move with the left joystick or D-pad, switch robots with A, push boxes and other actions with B, and reset with X. However, Y is the button that is the most difficult to get used to, because it automatically makes your robot move in the direction in last faced and it will not stop moving until you hit Y again. If you changed robots while the one is moving automatically, accidental deaths or reset-worthy mistakes will most like happen, causing a bit of frustration.

In cooperative mode, this is less of a problem, as each person is controlling their own robot, eliminating the problem of controlling two robots at the same time to solve puzzles. It is because of this that I much more recommend the cooperative mode over the single player, but it is honestly still an enjoyable experience in single player despite this little flaw.

The music is genuinely great, but I personally feel that it is a bit out of place. The game is a pretty chill one-room-at-a-time puzzles, but the BGM is pretty upbeat and sounds like some more akin to an action platformer than a puzzle game.

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Overall, Loopindex is a solid little title that is set at the normal Ratalaika price, which means it is cheap, but it is also very short-term and lacks replayability. The design and overall presentation are solid, and I am a huge fan of the pixel artwork, but this is one of those games that can easily be cleared in one afternoon.

If you have some extra money lying around and you want to solves some pretty simple puzzles alone or with a friend, then I do recommend the game. However, be aware that this will not take you any more than a couple hours to complete, so measure that value yourself.

Loopindex Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Ratalaika Games
Developer: Somepx
Release Date: June 25, 2021
Price: $4.99£4.99€4,99
Game Size: 192 MB


Fun puzzle idea both in single player or co-op

Cute pixelated graphics

Good soundtrack


A little on the easy side

Single-player controls can be frustrating at times

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