MagGo Sling 2.0 Review – Another Amazing Bag for Your Switch

maggo sling 2.0 review

Ultix Outdoors Ltd has officially launched the MagGo Sling 2.0 for their Kickstarter backers, and this is a lovely upgrade to a bag I thoroughly enjoy already. This second edition shifts the direction of the bag from vertical to horizontal, as well as includes some quality-of-life improvements for just a better experience all around.

So how does the MagGo Sling 2.0 compare to the original? Is this a worthy upgrade? And how well will it protect my Nintendo Switch during travels? All of that will be answered in this physical review!

maggo sling 2.0 review

For starters, it is important to point out that a lot of the features for the MagGo Sling 2.0 were present in the original MagGo Sling that released last summer. However, thanks to some positive fan feedback and more testing, Ultix Outdoors Ltd decided that the various improvements merited in a new bag.

Unlike the original MagGo Sling, the MagGo Sling 2.0 does not market itself as a bag for your Nintendo Switch, but it still holds the same shape as the original and absolutely has slots to fit your Switch with no problem to keep it safe while you are out and about. This time around, though, there are more compartments to carry extra things and to keep you more organized, and this is a huge improvement, as the more I used the original MagGo Sling, the more I realized how limited the space was without cluttering.

As was the case with the original, the MagGo Sling 2.0 looks incredible! It has a sleek design that looks like something Batman would use, and the scratch-resistant material on the face of the bag helps relieve any worry that something bad could easily happen while out and about. The fact that it is water-resistant as well guarantees that the content within your bag will be protected in most circumstances, and that is something you absolutely want when carrying your Switch around.

  • maggo sling 2.0 review
  • maggo sling 2.0 review
  • maggo sling 2.0 review

The packaging, like its predecessor, is astounding. Mine arrived packed very well, and the MagGo Sling 2.0 itself was protected by a nice plastic bag. The inside of the box even includes some graphics to help you better understand the bag you are about to pull out, and that is just a lovely gesture to customers.

This time around, the MagGo Sling 2.0 is horizontal, which means the magnetic Quick-Access compartment goes the long way this time. If you are putting your Switch in this compartment or in the Anti-Theft one this time, you will have a much better grip to pull it out quickly and in a much safer way. Both main compartments have lots of space for your goodies, and there are even lots of mini-compartments to safely place smaller things. Although the size of the two bags are practically the same, the MagGo 2.0’s superior design allows for better organization and storage.

To my surprise this time around, there is a secret zipper snugged away on the back side of the bag, which allows you to carry some valuable travel items like passports, money, etc without worries. Both the MagGo Sling and MagGo Sling 2.0 are both larger-than-normal sling bags, but personally, I find this super-convenient, especially since it allows me to carry my everyday needed accessories, including my Nintendo Switch.

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maggo sling 2.0 review

If you travel regularly with your Nintendo Switch, then the MagGo Sling 2.0 is a no-brainer. The incredibly useful gimmick with the magnets return, and overall, this is just a much better sling bag than its predecessor. It is useful in so many ways, including in casual daily outings and activities, and if you are someone who needs to carries around numerous things for errands and work, I cannot recommend this bag enough.

The only issue I had with the first bag was the adjustable strap, which was a bit of a pain in a couple ways, and that issue has been completely rectified here thanks to superior adjustments. I said this once before, but this is an upgrade, I would claim that the MagGo Sling 2.0 is the best bag, not just travel bag, for the Switch, because it hits all the right buttons and then some. This is truly the ultimate travel bag that can also cater your Nintendo Switch, and it is an essential purchase for anyone that loves to travel and play their games.

The original MagGo Sling was my go-to bag, but now, it has officially been replaced. Do not miss out on this one. The MagGo Sling 2.0 is truly the perfect sling bag.

MagGo Sling 2.0 Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: Ultix Outdoors Ltd
Release Date: PRE-ORDER NOW
Price: £68 GBP, $77 USD

maggo sling 2.0 review

Beautiful and sleek design

Easy access to everything

Carries Switch and so much more with no problem

Very high quality

The magnets return and are better than ever!

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