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Final Fantasy XIV Online patch 6.3 Available Now

Final Fantasy XIV Online patch 6.3 Available Now

Square Enix has released a new patch, 6.3, for its critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online. The update, titled “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble,” includes new main scenario quests, an 8-player trial in both Normal and Extreme difficulties, a 24-player alliance raid, a new ultimate raid launching in Patch 6.31 and more.

Players will have the opportunity to test their strength and skill in the new 24-player alliance raid, Myths of the Realm, Part 2: Euphrosyne. In this raid, players will continue their efforts to uncover the truth about Eorzea’s guardian deities as they set forth for their heavenly abode in the phantom realm.

Additionally, there is a new dungeon, Lapis Manalis, where players will have to pursue voidsent and explore an abandoned village in the mountains of Garlemald where Garleans once practiced the reaper arts.

The update also includes new side story quests, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor and Tales of Newfound Adventure, as well as updates to the Island Sanctuary and The Gold Saucer, and new custom deliveries.

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Square Enix has also added additional housing wards for all residential areas, for a total of six new housing areas, and a new treasure hunt dungeon.

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