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ABC Follow Me: Food Festival out on Nintendo Switch on December 26th!

ABC Follow Me: Food Festival out on Nintendo Switch on December 26th!

ABC Follow me: Food Festival title screen

ABC Follow Me: Food Festival, a new educational game for preschool children, will be available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch from December 26th. Developed by Marionette Games and published by Prison Games, the game is designed to help children develop their motor skills and introduce them to the basics of writing letters and numbers in a child-friendly design.

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In the game, children can learn their first words in English and the alphabet from A to Z, as well as take their first steps in counting and learn about different food products from around the world. The game features a smart interface designed specifically for children and allows them to listen and repeat words to improve their pronunciation.

In addition to learning basic skills, children can also play with colors and save their creations, making the game a great way to develop fine motor skills. The game includes several different modes, including a bakery, market, and restaurant, where children can learn about different types of foods.

Overall, ABC Follow Me: Food Festival is a great game for kids to learn and have fun at the same time on the Nintendo Switch. With its focus on language and food, it’s sure to be a hit with children and parents alike.

Where to buy ABC Follow Me: Food Festival?

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Only available so far in Japan.

Japan: 239 JPY (£1.50, $1.81) Learn how to switch regions in this article.

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