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BS8 Ergonomic Chair and Pegboard Review – Perfect Additions To The Nintendo Switch Set-Up

BS8 Ergonomic Chair and Pegboard Review – Perfect Additions To The Nintendo Switch Set-Up

We are taking a break from the video games today and are coming at you with something a little different once again because the wonderful folks over at Flexispot have hooked us up with a few more pieces of gear to make where we play our Nintendo Switch a whole lot better.

You might remember our EG8 Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk review not too long ago. Well, this is a continuation of that as we add some much-needed items to the set-up. Today we are going to be taking a look at two items: the BS8 Ergonomic Chair as well as a neat pegboard you can attach to your desk. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Let’s start off with the BS8 Ergonomic Chair. First off, putting it together was rather simple, though it did take me a while to actually get it together. But that’s only because I’m awful at reading instructions, so others may not take so long. It’s worth noting that the box it comes in is pretty heavy, so you may need some extra hands to help you out.

Once it was put together, the testing began. Let me tell you, this is an incredibly comfortable chair that I knew would be the chair for me for a long while. It did take me by surprise, because although I had high hopes for it, I never expected it to be that comfortable.

Granted, this is an office chair and is designed with office use in mind, but how does it fare in a gaming space? Greatly, I must say! It’s perfect for those long-lasting gaming sessions, and believe me, I spent many hours sitting playing and reviewing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak without an ounce of backache or butt-ache. That to me is a big tick.

Though the BS8 has a rather simple design, the grey and black colors of the chair make it easy to blend in with almost any set-up. It easily fits in with my white standing desk, and I must say, it looks great.

Its built-in headrest only adds to the comfort, and the ability to recline it to your liking allows you to find a seating position that suits you. As is the case with most computer chairs, you’re able to make it higher or lower (although it’s worth noting it doesn’t exactly go very high, which wasn’t a problem for me), and you can move the armrests to suit your positioning and can also adjust the tightness of the backrest.

The BS8 Ergonomic Chair doesn’t necessarily have any unique selling points, but it does what it says on the tin. If you like the look of it, it’s a great investment. It’s not a cheap chair, retailing at £299.99 here in the UK, although it does have a sale price right now of £269.99, which you can check out here. It is a bit on the pricey side, but as I pointed out already, the chair is incredibly comfortable and is great to sit in for long gaming sessions! It is comparable to others on the market, but take it from me, the BS8 Ergonomic Chair is worth it.

Now, onto the Pegboard. This is a really cute bit of kit and will expand on any desk to make it so much better. Flexispot offers three different sizes; Small (370x370mm), Medium (740x370mm), and Large (900x370mm), as well as five different colors to choose from: White, Yellow, Peach, Green, or Black. I opted for the Large in white to match my white desk.

Upon opening the box, you will notice that there are a lot of items that come with your Pegboard which consist of various shelves and pegs that simply fit onto the Pegboard. It will also come with some cute little cloud magnets and a photo frame. Oh, and the shelving units that come with the Pegboard actually come in a different color than the Pegboard itself. In my case, they were yellow and they suit so well.

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The Pegboard provides a lot of space to store many items, or simply display items without actually taking up the space on your desk. You can use it for storing standard desk items such as pens, and scissors, or you can hang your headset up, put up some cool figures and even put flowers there. It’s brilliant.

The best part about the Pegboard? It’s so incredibly simple to set up. You can set it up in one of two ways: either fix it to the wall or attach it to your desk via brackets. I went with the latter option, and it was super simple to set up. I attached it to the back of my desk lengthways, which was the perfect size.

This is also a little on the pricey side starting out at £79.99 and going up depending on the size you go for, but it is absolutely worth going for if you can afford it because it’s such a great addition to any set-up.

There we have it, folks! Our reviews of the BS8 Ergonomic Chair and Pegboard from Flexispot. Two great items to make your set-ups so much better (and comfier). Again, a massive thank you to Flexispot for sending them over!

BS8 Ergonomic Chair and Pegboard Review provided by Nintendo Link
Maker: FlexiSpot
Price: £299.99/£79.99+


Great additions to any desk set-up

BS8 is incredibly comfortable, even for long gaming sessions

Pegboard comes with a lot of extras


A little on the expensive side

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