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Special Event Ideas to Keep Nintendo Switch Sports Interesting

Special Event Ideas to Keep Nintendo Switch Sports Interesting

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Nintendo Switch Sports has been available to Switch gamers for almost two months now, and Nintendo has been doing a good job keeping things interesting with new collections. However, something still feels like it is missing from the sports title, and I do not mean more sports. I mean something to draw players back in who have abandoned the game or even something to get new players excited to try it out.

Well, here are some ways Nintendo could continue to keep Nintendo Switch Sports exciting and relevant moving forward!

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Special Events for Relevant Sports

The first one to suggest is to simply take advantage of real-world sporting events and have a special event within Nintendo Switch Sports that showcases the relevant sport. Take for example tennis; Wimbledon 2022 starts on June 20th and runs until July 10th. Nintendo Switch Sports could easily have a fun, little tennis event within the game to go alongside Wimbledon, and they can even provide Wimbledon-themed costumes and accessories for players who participate in the event.

PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) has multiple tournaments a year, and having in-game events would help elevate bowling within Nintendo Switch Sports as well. Soccer is another one that could easily gain extra attention thanks to real-world events like the World Cup.

I also understand that this may be difficult to apply to all of the sports, particularly Chambara, but I think this would be a great win-win scenario, as Nintendo Switch Sports would benefit from the event and fans of the game will learn about the real-world events that may gain new viewers thanks to the in-game event. Considering this is a fun, casual sports title, this just seems like a no-brainer and would easily bring new life into the title on a regular basis thanks to the long list of annual sporting events on the calendar.

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Point Multiplier Weekends

I honestly cannot believe that this one is not already implemented. Back when ARMS was getting lots of attention from Nintendo, they used to have really entertaining special weekend events called Party Crash, and it was basically an extra incentive mode that rewarded players with credits and character badges. The Splatoon series has also been great at creating exciting weekend events.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo could easily put a focus on any of the available sports and offer point multipliers towards any of the Collections you are working towards. For example: Next weekend, Badminton is the featured sport in-game, and players who play Badminton online get double the amount of points per game played. This would encourage players to jump into Badminton to earn those extra points, and considering how over-saturated sports like Bowling and Soccer are right now, it would be really nice to use these Point Multiplier weekends to elevate the other sports.

Another idea here would just be to simply have a point multiplier day for the entire game. This would be a 24-hour period where all sports provide more points than normal, once again helping towards those lovely Collections.

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Switch Sports Collaborations

Finally, another amazing possibility would be to have some collaboration events. This is similar to the “special events for relevant sports”, but this ones goes a little bit in a different direction.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar, the sporting world boasts some pretty awesome clothing lines, so Nintendo Switch Sports collaborating with brands like Nike, Under Armor, Adidas, Puma, and others could provide some amazing clothes for our avatars. Imagine having a fun soccer event that rewards players with some Puma clothes and cleats, or how about a Nike set of tennis gear for joining a tennis event. Do keep in mind that this is not a “new” idea, as Nintendo partnered with Mercedes on Mario Kart 8 back on the Wii U.

Another collaborative idea would be to include Nintendo-themed gear for future Collections. At the moment, we have had some cool ideas for Collections, like Tennis, Dance, Robot, and Ice-Cream, but what if Nintendo offered big, first-party collections once a month? Imagine getting a Mario Collection or a Kirby Collection, where you get clothes and equipment based on those particular series. Since Nintendo has a massive library of first-party games, this seems like an easy event to draw people in and regain momentum.

Nintendo Switch Sports is still relatively new, and we know Golf will be added as free DLC in the fall, but this is also a title that could benefit tremendously from some regular events. These are just some ideas that could really elevate the game and keep it relevant by the time Golf arrives, and who knows, maybe maintaining attention will encourage Nintendo to add more sports in the future.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your gaming news and updates! What do you think of these ideas for Nintendo Switch Sports? Do you think they will help the game? Would you like to see any of these ideas implemented? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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