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Nintendo Switch Sports has been doing quite well since it initially released on April 29th, 2022, especially with the consistent updates on unlockables for online play. There are currently six available sports, including Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer, Bowling, Chambara, and Badminton, and we also know that Golf is on the way thanks to a free Fall update for Nintendo Switch Sports.

However, rumors are out that more sports will be added, and outside of Golf, it is fairly certain that Dodgeball and Basketball will be other upcoming sports thanks to some datamining.

Since the Sports series has been around for a while now, and there have been plenty of unique sports already used in the series, I thought this would be a fun article to consider what other sports Nintendo could bring to Nintendo Switch Sports next! Since Dodgeball and Basketball are already rumored, and Golf is definitely on the way, I will focus on other sports to peak some interest. Let’s go!

Disc Golf

nintendo switch sports disc golf

Disco Golf just makes the most sense for me. For starters, we are definitely getting Golf via a free update this fall, and I think Disc Golf can be an alternate option within Golf. It can use the same courses and even keep some of the other elements to keep the programming simple while also making it a unique experience.

Since Disc Golf will work with throwing a Frisbee, the strategy and timing will definitely be different from its sister sport. Also, learning to arch your throws for dog-leg left and right holes will separate the amateurs from the pros. I guess we will have to wait and see how Golf online works, but I think Disc Golf online would be equally fun, for sure!

Table Tennis

nintendo switch sports table tennis

Table Tennis is not just a super-popular Olympic sport, but it has also already been in the Sports series when it debuted on Wii Sports Resort. Some may argue that Table Tennis is too similar to Tennis and Badminton, but I beg to differ. You see, Tennis on Nintendo Switch Sports is limited to doubles, which is unfortunate but understandable.

With Table Tennis, we will get the frantic back-and-forth action in a one-on-one format. Badminton is a much slower and methodical sport in Nintendo Switch Sports, but Table Tennis could be a fast and aggressive sport, especially if it mimics the styles and patterns of Olympic play. For me, this one seems like a no-brainer, simply because it has already been in the series before and it would fit perfectly with the motion controls.

Ultimate Frisbee

nintendo switch sports ultimate frisbee

Okay. This is my first long-shot, but I think Ultimate Frisbee could be an excellent addition to Nintendo Switch Sports. With the popularity of Soccer in the game, bringing in another team sport for online play could be more magic! Ultimate Frisbee could easily be that, as the 5v5 format can still be applied while also implementing Ultimate rules.

I think a larger Frisbee with a camera constantly on it, like Soccer, would work perfectly. Since the receiver of the Frisbee cannot move until they throw, a lot of interesting scenarios can take place in a Nintendo Switch Sports version of the sport. Of course the field will be different, as it is an endzone and not a goal like Soccer, but I think a similar format could be applied and could really make a unique and fun team experience.

Ice Hockey/Field Hockey

nintendo switch sports hockey

Continuing on the team gameplay desires, Hockey in either format, Ice or Field, would be amazing! Since Soccer in Nintendo Switch Sports is very much like Rocket League, it is safe to say that Hockey could even be added as an alternate form of Soccer. This would add a different mode of team play where the goal could be slightly smaller, keep the puck around the same circumference as the ball but be flat like a puck (Of course), and players will have Hockey sticks to whack the puck around.

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This sport works particularly well because, like Disc Golf, it could just use the same guts as Soccer. Not only that, but themed Hockey sticks would be a really fun unlockable for future collections. I just think with how popular and exciting Soccer currently is, continuing on the team-based 5v5 gameplay online would be fantastic, and Hockey seems like the right sport to pick to do that.


nintendo switch sports boxing

Finally, Boxing. This is another one that has already been in the Sports franchise, and it is frankly one of the original sports in Wii Sports. I understand that this is a violent sport, and Nintendo may not want to revisit this one, but hear me out. Currently in Nintendo Switch Sports, the only combat sport we have is Chambara, and it is… no offense to anyone… rather lame. Chambara is the only “sport” in the game that is not actually a sport. Wii Sports Resort had Kendo (Sword-Play), which was significantly better and… wait for it… A REAL SPORT.

You know what else is real? Boxing. And I have to be honest, Boxing on Wii Sports is one of the better games, and I think an updated version with improved controls (Thanks to the JoyCons) will be even more entertaining. An alternative to Chambara could also help elevate combat sports on Nintendo Switch Sports, too, and themed Boxing gloves and headgear would be awesome unlockables.

C’mon, Nintendo. This sport already exists in the Sports series! Just bring it back.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your fun feature pieces and lists! What do you think of these suggestions for Nintendo Switch Sports? Would you be excited to play any of these sports within the game? Do you have different suggestions? Let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming, everyone.

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