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Agent Intercept Switch Review – Spy Driving Feels So Good

Agent Intercept Switch Review – Spy Driving Feels So Good

agent intercept

When it comes to stealth games, many mostly focus on the up-close-and-personal. In Agent Intercept, the gears have changed, and the focus is on the over-the-top rides, and the Sceptre is a wild vehicle capable of so much, including transformation.

That’s all fine and dandy, but how does the Sceptre drive? Is Agent Intercept a game that really puts you in the driver seat of a fictional spy car and pulls off a fun experience, or does it leave much to be desired? Let’s find out!

agent intercept

In the world of Agent Intercept, you play as a talented agent who excels in the art of chasing, getting away, and drifting, which makes you the perfect candidate to control the Sceptre, the Agency’s top secret weapon. And perfect timing, too, as an evil organization called CLAW has rebuilt itself under mysterious leadership.

CLAW has threatened the world before, and it took nearly everything the Agency had to win. This time, though, the Agency believes it has the leg up, as the Sceptre is an especially amazing piece of tech capable of much more than meets the eyes. CLAW does not know what they are in for, and what continues is simply a high-octane action experience that entertains from start to finish.

When it comes to titles like Agent Intercept, I do not put a lot of trust in the stories they tell, but I was pleasantly surprised by the world PikPok built. It is not the most complex story out there, but what is presented is an entertaining one that literally puts you in the driver seat of a transforming car that truly is the bright light of this wonderful game.

agent intercept

In normal fashion, Agent Intercept is split up into chapters and missions. Each mission presents us with Intel objectives as well as a main mission that enhances the story. Consider Intel objectives secondary, but at the same time, you have to clear enough to access the end of a chapter. When it comes to the gameplay, this is where things really turn up, because there is a lot happening on screen… but it is a ton of fun.

Essentially, Agent Intercept is a driving game with espionage as a theme. You drive the Sceptre through insane situations, and it is basically a one-car-army, as it is capable of destroying upwards of 50 enemy vehicles in a single mission, including some over-the-top battles against the likes of submarines and helicopters. For crying out loud, there is even a mission where you drive the Sceptre up a missile after it has been launched. To put it plainly, missions are anything but boring.

Each mission tasks you with clearing out enemies en route to discovering who is behind certain actions. More often than not, discovering who is behind the mayhem eventually presents themselves as a boss, and holy cow. The boss stages are a non-stop adrenaline rush in all the right ways, as mission objectives seemingly change on the fly because of the boss changing strategy and coming at you from a different direction. This is where Agent Intercept shines brightest, because I have never felt this much power as a driver before! Knocking out bosses and foiling their plans is simply outstanding.

agent intercept

Another awesome feature in Agent Intercept is that completing missions unlocks more things to do! For example, side missions become accessible after completing campaign missions, and Score Attack allows for chasing highscores, target practice, and even time trials. The main campaign does not take a whole lot of time, about 2 hours, but the amount of side missions and other unlocks brings the value up tremendously.

The cell shade graphics are another commendable area that needs highlight. Everything from the vehicles to the environment look amazing, but I did find that the lack of explosions at times to take away from certain moments. I am not sure why the enemy vehicles and even boss parts don’t give off that satisfactory explosion each time, but that is a bit nitpicky. Overall, Agent Intercept looks fantastic, and I am a huge fan of the art style.

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The soundtrack is a lovely blend of generic spy-themed music, and it honestly sounds perfect. At no point in the game did I doubt the genre I was in, and the soundtrack accompanied by the great voice acting and top-notch sound effects made for a solid experience that never felt out of place. This is a high-octane series of spy missions that does not require stealth at all. This is all about getting the mission done as fast as possible in the wonderful Sceptre, and it all sounds perfect.

agent intercept

Agent Intercept is simply an excellent game. It is such a fun, fast-paced, high-octane experience that entertains from start to finish of the campaign. Not only that, but tons of unlockables means more things to do and more time to drive the Sceptre around and take out enemies.

This is one of those titles that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did, but wow. It didn’t take long. From the very first mission, I was hooked. The controls are simple and accessible, the story is a fun romp through crazy spy antics, and the boss fights are fantastic. Sure, I may selfishly want more campaign missions and more Michael Bay-level explosions, but I’m just getting tedious at that point. What is available here is of phenomenal value, and this is definitely a title you need to keep your eye on.

So even though this is not your standard series of spy missions, Agent Intercept puts a massive spotlight on the most exciting areas, meaning the driving around, and hits an absolute homerun.

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Publisher: PikPok
Developer: PikPok
Release Date: March 30th, 2022
Price: $19.99£16.99€19,99
Game Size: 2.0 GB

agent intercept

Excellent driving action

Lots of content to stay busy

Beautiful cell shade art style

Sound across the board is top notch

Boss fights = AMAZING


Campaign is relatively short

Lack of Michael Bay-level explosions throughout

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