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KungFu Kickball Switch Review – There Must Exist a Fusion of Mind and Foot

KungFu Kickball Switch Review – There Must Exist a Fusion of Mind and Foot

kungfu kickball

When it comes to video game sports, few out there have trailblazed like KungFu Kickball in recent years. This original concept from two fishy companies is the perfect kind of competitive video game, and I would not be surprised to see KungFu Kickball pop up in eSports somewhere down the line.

That’s all fine and dandy, but how does the game play? Is this truly a new potential entry in the world of eSports? And can this blend of two extremely different things work out for the casual player? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

kungfu kickball

In some classic Halo fashion, KungFu Kickball puts Red vs Blue in one-vs-one and two-vs-two match ups that are an absolute blast. The concept is essentially soccer, but instead of a field, this is a flat 2D platformer setting. Instead of kicking, well, punches and dives and everything else in between is acceptable to get the ball towards the goal, which is not a standard netted goal, but a Buddhist big bell that rings wonderfully upon being hit.

Okay. So this is not really soccer. This is exactly what the title implies. This is KungFu Kickball, and I am absolutely in love with this game.

There are so many options for both local and online play that this ended up being a significantly bigger package than I initially anticipated. Local boasts an Arcade mode, Versus, Training which includes targets, custom matches, and even a tournament mode for up to 16 players (Limited to 2-4 players at a time, though). Online is a bit more limited, but it still has options to join quick 1v1 and 2v2 matches, as well as hosting and joining matches that can be customized with some wacky rules like allowing “friendly fire” (beating up your teammate), two-point shots, and adjustments to gravity and player strength.

kungfu kickball

Standard matches are timed and set to 3 minutes, which honestly feels like the perfect amount of time for a game. Kind of like Smash Bros, that 3 minutes is kind of the sweet spot between being too short and too long, and matches both in 1v1 and 2v2 can get wonderfully intense as all players frantically dash and dive towards the ball en route to the bell.

It may seem like a chaotic game idea, but the gameplay is well-refined, constantly feels fresh, and provides some of the most entertaining competitive gameplay I have experienced in years. The thrill of getting a solid shot, a lucky ricochet, and a sounding of the bell is the kind of adrenaline rush that is important for competitive games, and KungFu Kickball provides that in spades.

A surprising addition to the game is Arcade mode, which is essentially you (and optionally a partner) taking on a series of opponents at a difficulty of your choosing. Even more surprising is that completing Arcade mode with certain characters will unlock new characters for future play. Like I said before, this is a beefy title, and the fact that it adds unlocks to its repertoire as well is even more exciting.

kungfu kickball

Gameplay-wise, your character is able to jump, punch/kick (For hitting the ball or an opponent), and wave-dash, which is essentially a short-range teleport. Using all of these is essential for top-tier play, but the nice thing is that KungFu Kickball is easy enough to understand that anyone can hop in, join, and have a great time. This is where the party-element of the game is elevated, because this is an absolute hit to have at gaming parties!

KungFu Kickball is also an unbelievably gorgeous pixelated game that even excels in its opening animation. Although the characters and stages are a bit limited, everything in the game looks amazing, and the extreme attention to detail in every stage is wonderful.

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The soundtrack is the only area I have a little problem with, but it is honestly not a big one. Two of the stages, though, one in particular, have weird background music, and I could never shake it off no matter how much I played it. What is more surprising here is that the other four stages have fantastic songs that really build the tension and feel like proper anthems of sorts that perfectly compliment the action happening on screen. Overall, the music is not bad, but I do wish that all stages felt equally awesome.

KungFu Kickball is competitive gaming at its finest. This is truly a potential eSport candidate, and I am excited to see the elite gamers out there duking it out in 1v1 and 2v2 battles.

I mean, if you like kung fu, kickball, platforming, and action, well, this is a game that has it all and then some. The local play is over-the-top good, and the online is still a lot of fun despite its limited options.

After playing for so long, my only desire was for more characters and stages, but do not let that sound like a negative. That means that KungFu Kickball is so enjoyable that I simply want more! This is absolutely a game that will forever stay on my Switch, and it will be the new go-to for competitive game nights. So get that Shaolin Mighty Steel Leg ready to kick the crap out of that ball and ring some bells!

KungFu Kickball Switch Review provided by Nintendo Link
Review also found on OpenCritic
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Developer: Whalefood Games
Release Date: February 10th, 2022
Price: $19.99£12.99€15,99
Game Size: 738 MB

kungfu kickball

Excellent competitive gameplay

Tons of options both local and online

Unlockable characters

Beautiful pixelated graphics


Music is quite hit and miss

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