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Induction Switch Review – Time Traveling Cubes

Induction Switch Review – Time Traveling Cubes


Bryan Gale has put together a solid puzzle game called Induction, an abstract puzzler that bends time in such a unique way. It is not every day you come across a puzzle title that does something a bit different, and that is precisely what Induction does. This is one that will require some rule-breaking to solve, and using the game’s internal logic will challenge your mind in fresh, new ways.

So is Induction a game that will help expand the mind? Or is this one just going to boggle? Let’s find out!


At the start of the game, there is no introduction, tutorial, or even any on-screen text to feed you in to what is happening. Instead, Induction goes the more old-school route of throwing you into the fire and letting you learn with each burn. That is not meant to be an insult, but a compliment in regards to its instructional method.

Instead of giving you the blunt tutorials, we begin with a cube that we control, some stairs, and a spinning white cube that looks enticing. We learn quickly that the cube we control can climb stairs, and we also learn that the spinning white cube is the goal. This is the approach for the entire game, as each time you are introduced to a new concept, item, or mechanic, the game simply gives you the freedom to figure it out on your own. Induction does this masterfully, and the slow build to more complex puzzles as new ideas are mixed together only strengthens the flow and feel.

There are just over 50 puzzles in total, which may not sound like a lot, especially as you may blaze through the first 10-15 or so, but the latter half of the puzzles here are extraordinary. Consider that slow crescendo to ultimately build to a series of complex puzzles that will stretch your mind like few others on the hybrid platform.


At the core of Induction‘s gameplay is the ability to replicate your previous movement with a time variant of your cube. Initially, you need the copy to open a bridge, which means you must activate the bridge switch yourself before initiating the time-bending sequence. At first, these puzzles are simple, but as more objects and ideas are thrown into the mix, making good use of our time variant becomes more and more mind-boggling.

There are a couple points in the game where a puzzle expects you to do something that you never even knew you could do, and there is no way to solve said puzzle until you figure out the random mechanic. Once you do understand, though, it helps a ton until you run into the next situation where the expectation is high with little-to-no cue as to what you need to do. This is where this type of learning in a game can be a bit frustrating, because a short visual clue could alleviate the random confusion that can happen in Induction that genuinely is not the player’s fault.

The minimalistic design is quite sleek, and I absolutely love the color-changes that happen when you activate the time paradox. Even the dots and lines add to the aesthetic and do provide great visuals for the movements and help simplify what goes where.

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Equally, the transient soundtrack is the perfect backdrop for a puzzle title that bends time and boggles the mind. The little taps of the cube flopping around is adorable, and I especially enjoy the fast forward, rewind, and reset sounds that add a bit more flavor than just bringing the puzzle back to its start. Since this is a title that depends on the time mechanic, it is fun to see and hear time being manipulated.


Induction is quite the abstract and challenging experience, and casual puzzle gamers may be turned off by the lack of instruction and high difficulty in the later portions of the game. However, for those looking for something unique and more along the lines of a sci-fi puzzler (Because of the time traveling), this is a wonderful addition to your library and something that will keep you thinking even when you are not playing the game.

For the price, this is a no-brainer. You get hours of mind-bending puzzles that will expand your spacial thinking as well as your use of time. There is honestly nothing like it on the eShop, and it only costs the same as a fast food meal. What more could you want?

Induction Review provided by Nintendo Link
Review also found on OpenCritic
Publisher: Bryan Gale
Developer: Bryan Gale
Release Date: July 14th, 2021
Price: $8.99£6.19€7,39
Game Size: 204 MB


Abstract and time-bending puzzles

Great value

Lovely minimalistic art style

Perfect soundtrack and sound effects


A couple points in the game could use some visual clues

Maybe a bit too challenging for casual players

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