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Slaughter No Hit Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Slaughter No Hit Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Slaughter No Hit, the fast-paced and skill-based roguelike with a necessary story against animal cruelty, has made an appearance on Kickstarter, Rebel Crew Studios has announced.

First off, let’s check out the trailer:

About Slaughter No Hit

Yael is an old hunting and fishing lover who has been working for 50 years in a slaughterhouse. When he dies, he discovers that on the other side people are judged according to the number of animals they killed during their lives.

Assuming that when he will be judged he will go straight to hell, Yael sets forth on a journey to free himself from his own fate with the invaluable help of his weird and foulmouthed companion “Pat”: the old apron he inherited from his father, who also worked his whole life in the slaughterhouse.

Key aspects:

– Roguelike game

– Long and short range, fast action

– A vital necessary story with a strong anti-animal cruelty message

– Handicap & upgrade system applied after each room depending on if you’re beat up or not

– +30 hours in story mode and more than double that to discover everything

– Bosses change their attack patterns depending on the floor you encounter them.

– A lot of secrets and easter eggs

– Procedural Dubstep music

– Online competitive speedrun mode PvP and PvE at the same time

– Easy mode (subtle changes, here and there, that make the game, well… easier)

There’s a lot more details over on the Kickstarter page here if you would like to find out more and back the game – there’s still a while to go before it reaches its goal.

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