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Roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise Title Updates

Roadmap for Monster Hunter Rise Title Updates

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Today during the Monster Hunter Digital Event, CAPCOM went over some interesting details about the upcoming 2.00 Title Update for Monster Hunter Rise, but they didn’t stop there. CAPCOM also highlighted some more information about the forthcoming 3.00 Title Update which is projected to release some time in late May, 2021.

During the Digital Event, we learned a lot about the Apex versions of monsters like Apex Rathalos, but we also learned that legendary monsters like Teostra and Kushala Daora will be included in the version 2.00 update that releases tomorrow, April 28th, 2021.

The new 2.00 Title Update will feature the following new monsters, new quests, and it will allow for hunters to rank up under new conditions to help newcomers and casual players.

Also, lots of new monsters will be added to the Village and Hub quests, as well as the Rampage quests. Alongside these new monsters, of course we will be getting new weapon trees and armor for our hunter, Palico, and Palimute! Ready to get that Teostra armor set for my puppers.

Finally, there will be lots of quality-of-life updates to make the all-around experience of Monster Hunter Rise better, like new decorations, raised levels for your buddies, and more. Check out the graphic above for more details or watch the presentation to learn more.

Finally, CAPCOM teased version 3.00, which will apparently introduce more new monsters to the bunch, and I can only assume it will follow a similar pattern to the version 2.00 update: some beefed up monsters already available, and the introduction of a couple legendary beasts from previous entries.

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Version 3.00 will also add an additional story chapter that takes place after the natural ending of the single player story in Monster Hunter Rise, so come at the end of May, we will have a new ending to Rise‘s story!

As we learn more about version 3.00, we will update you, but we hope you enjoyed the presentation today.

Thank you for stopping by Nintendo Link for all of your Monster Hunter news and updates. What do you think of these first two title updates? Do you think CAPCOM is doing it right? Let us know in the comments below. Happy gaming, everyone!

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