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Spelunky 2, Among Us, and More Shown at Indie World Showcase

Spelunky 2, Among Us, and More Shown at Indie World Showcase

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Today’s Indie World Showcase was a spectacle. Nintendo has improved the presentation more and more with each passing one, and the December 15, 2020 episode was possibly the best one yet thanks to the surprises, big announcements, and wide variety.

If you did not get a chance to check out the presentation, you can still freely watch it. It is just over 15 minutes long, and it is chock full of games, cat puns, and surprises.


There were tons of games announced and confirmed, so this will simply serve as a hub for the games brought up during the Indie World Showcase.

Spelunky 1 & 2

Right off the bat, we got a massive Spelunky 1 & 2 announcement as well as a brief moment with the creator, Derek Yu. This is a huge announcement, as Spelunky 2 released recently with little-to-no indication that it would release outside of the already available platforms. Now, Switch players will be able to enjoy both the original and its massive sequel in Summer 2021 (WHY THE LONG WAIT?!).


Fisti-Fluffs was one of the funnier surprises from the Indie World Showcase. This is a bizarre action brawler from Rogue and Playfellow where you take out other cats in order to be the top dog! I mean… cat. The trailer was full of funny cat puns and goofy physics, and this may be my personal favorite of the entire presentation.

Very Very Valet

Another comical indie game was next, and it is a game where you need to valet cars in a strange assortment of situations. Very Very Valet tasks you with taking cars, dropping them off, and bringing them back in many different areas. It looks like a lot of fun, and it will be out in early 2021.


Tunche is a unique beat-em-up that takes play in the Amazon rain forest and is created by a team from Lima, Peru. The beautiful hand drawn animation and the stunning environments create a special look for a genre that is usually quite one-dimensional. The main character from A Hat in Time also makes an appearance as a playable character, and I am sure the co-op will entertain. Tunche will be out in March 2021.


Cyber-Shadow has already been shown off a lot over the last year. This futuristic action game borrows many elements from the original Ninja Gaiden series on the NES and does its own thing with it. Yacht Club has proven themselves in giving new life to old game ideas, especially with Shovel Knight. I can only imagine Cyber-Shadow will excel in every way when it releases on January 26, 2021. It will even support amiibo!


Yet another cat game with loads of cat puns to introduce it, Calico is about running a cat cafe. The in-game world is cute and lovely, and it seems like a very relaxing game to sit back, relax, and simply enjoy. There is seemingly a ton to do, and it is available today!

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

This game melted my heart the most. The trailer was simply stunning, and the premise is both heart-warming and hopeful. You are a young child working their way around the island cleaning it up, saving and protecting animals, and doing your part to make the island a better place. It shows that even a child can do a lot if their mind and heart are in the right place. You can play Alba: A Wildlife Adventure when it launches on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021.


This is a Japanese game that only takes 5 to 15 minutes per game, but it is essentially a mystery game where you need to figure out who the Gnosia are among your crew. It seems like a terrifying yet exciting game where no two games will ever be the same, and it looks like you will be able to play this in early 2021.

Happy Game

Happy Game is a psychedelic horror game where you play as a young boy having horrific nightmares that you need to solve intricate puzzles to escape. It is quite the blend of bright colors and disturbing images, but it looks to be a great time. You can play Happy Game on Switch when it launches in Spring 2021.

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Super Meat Boy Forever

Similar to Cyber-Shadow, Team Meat has shown off Super Meat Boy Forever for quite time now, and it is finally on the verge of release. This action runner will push you to your limits and challenge you in ways you cannot even imagine. Get ready to run and punch your way to victory when Super Meat Boy Forever arrives on Switch December 23, 2020.


Grindstone looks like a lot of fun! Rack up combos and take out enemies in a particular order to collect previous stones and and trade those in for new weapons and gear. There are over 200 levels full of enemies and bosses that you need to learn how to take out, and you can find out exactly how to do that now since Grindstone is available today!

Quick Montage of Games

At this point, they quickly show off a slew of titles. These are the games they showed off:

  • When the Past was Around by Chorus Worldwide Games
  • Kosmokrats by Modern Wolf
  • Hoa by PM Studios
  • Hazel Sky by Another Indie
  • Trash Sailors by tinyBuild Games
  • Finding Paradise by X.D. Network Inc

Among Us

Finally, to close out the show, Indie World Showcase revealed that the massively popular Among Us is not only coming out on the Nintendo Switch, but it is available RIGHT NOW for only $5 USD. One of the games that took 2020 by storm is finally on the most popular console on the market. The two seem absolutely perfect for each other, and when the world becomes a bit more normalized, having a “Switch party” and playing Among Us seems like a ton of fun.

And that was it! Thank you so much for visiting Nintendo Link and reading over our Indie World Showcase rundown. What did you think of the presentation? Were you happy about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy gaming, everyone!

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