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Is There Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus?

Is There Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus?

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus

A Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus mode would help encourage players to experience new friendship scenes and perhaps discover characters they may have missed. Having your equipment and emblems ready to go would certainly be cool, but is this actually the case in Fire Emblem Engage?

Can You Use A Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Mode?

Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus Mode
Image via Nintendo

Being able to experience Fire Emblem Engage in an all-new light with New Game Plus would be phenomenal. Unfortunately, a Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus mode does not exist at the time of writing. The feature could definitely be added in the form of DLC or a free update in the future, but that hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo at all.

Something that helps the longevity of Fire Emblem Engage is the year-long expansion pass that will be updated in four different parts. Hopefully, a Fire Emblem Engage New Game Plus mode will get added as a throw-in for everyone who bought the game.

Other Disappointingly Missing Features

Fire Emblem Engage Protagonist
Image via Nintendo

There are a few missing features in Engage that you’d expect from a typical Fire Emblem game. First, there is a lack of marriage options, and your protagonist and other characters can’t have children either.

However, there are still romanceable characters that are straight, gay, and lesbian. The relationship conversations will end with a scene of them showcasing their love for each other.

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Fire Emblem Engage Characters Emblems
Image via Nintendo

Something new that has been added is Bond Rings. They power up your emblems and make aspects of each of the characters stronger. The Bond Rings are made up of lesser-known Fire Emblem series characters and can be found through a pseudo gacha system.

The Bond Rings you get will be determined by luck, but the game doesn’t ask for your money to participate. You’ll need to finish the challenges instead set out by the developer Intelligent Systems.

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