Is There Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Durability?

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Durability

Fire Emblem Engage weapon durability is somewhat expected by the fans as it’s been a long-held tradition in the series. However, as the franchise becomes more mainstream, thanks to Heroes and Three Houses, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems might be making the game easier. Here’s everything we know about Fire Emblem Engage weapon durability.

Is Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Durability A Feature?

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Durability Combat
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Fire Emblem Engage weapon durability would heighten the drama of each mission as the bar slowly crawls to nothing. However, it has been confirmed that Fire Emblem Engage will not have weapon durability, except for a few circumstances. Instead, you’ll have access to most of your weapons at all times, no matter how many times you’ve used them.

“Weapon durability has been almost entirely removed from Fire Emblem Engage,” GameSpot explained. “Weapons cannot break and nearly every weapon can be upgraded with the proper materials and gold.” The outlet, however, explained that staves do go away after a “certain number of uses.”

Is Fire Emblem Becoming Easier A Bad Thing?

Is Fire Emblem Engage Open World?
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As the Fire Emblem series has progressed throughout the years, the tough-as-nails mechanics have been softened. For example, Fire Emblem: Awakening—a game, which revitalized the series around the world and gave it notoriety—had permadeath for each of your characters as an optional difficulty setting rather than forcing it.

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Some may find removing Fire Emblem Engage weapon durability a step too far, but if the series becomes even more successful on a 100 million+ selling system like the Switch, that can only be a good thing.

We will have to wait and see if the lack of weapon durability in Fire Emblem Engage will affect the fanbase’s opinions on the game. Regardless, it will be cool to see beloved characters like Marth, Roy, and Lyn in a current-generation Fire Emblem game.

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