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Triangle Strategy – How to Recruit New Characters

Triangle Strategy – How to Recruit New Characters

Triangle Strategy is a game where characters will come and go; each with different abilities and attributes that will assist you in battle. Different characters will be available to recruit depending on the route you take with Serenoa in the game. Varying narrative choices will have different story outcomes…

Your very first recruitment will take place in Chapter 3 – Whither the River Flows. Every now and again whilst on the game’s World Map, you will see a blue marker instead of the usual red and green mission markers. This blue marker indicates that there is a character you are able to recruit to join your team.

On the bottom right corner of the screen you will see ”+ Character Stories”, with a blue indicator. Press this button in order to see any character stories or character recruitments that are currently available to you. After recruiting the character you will be shown a brief cutscene that will introduce the character to you and there we go. It’s incredibly simple to do, but very easy to miss.

Triangle Strategy features over 20 recruitable characters, each with their own unique set of abilities. So, it’s important to experiment with them all in different situations in order to determine what character works best where.

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