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Super Magbot Switch Review – This One is Attractive

Super Magbot Switch Review – This One is Attractive

super magbot

When I first watched the trailer for Super Magbot, I was magnetized to the unique platforming and style. Sure, it may be a bit of a polarizing game due to its controls and relatively high difficulty, but this robot is truly attractive in its design and charm that it is hard not to stick to the challenge and see it through.

So is Super Magbot a platformer that magnetizes towards you? Let’s find out!

super magbot

Super Magbot starts off with a fun little story introduction that gives purpose to our charming robot protagonist and the travesty that has befallen the galaxy thanks to the evil Magsteroid (Magnet + asteroid or Magnet + steroid?) after he noticed the great power that had made its way to the surrounding planets. Unfortunately, because of his lust for power, Magsteroid plans to consume the Magnetia Star, which will doom all the planets that have been blessed with magnetic fragments and more.

The story is simple yet effective, and I cannot stress enough how awesome of a hero Magbot is. The way it interacts with the various characters in the game is equal parts charming and hilarious, and the team who animated this guy need to give themselves a huge pat on the back. This is genuinely the first robotic character since Claptrap in Borderlands that I have fallen in love with and couldn’t wait to see the next interaction or story development.

The supporting cast are also a lot of fun and provide a great amount of comedy and lightheartedness, but they also provide great snippets into the greater story of Magbot trying to save the galaxy from Magsteroid, making the game feel bigger even though focus is mostly on our magnetic hero.

super magbot

When it comes to gameplay, Super Magbot is truly one of a kind. This is a platformer with such a unique gimmick that the controls will be quite awkward at first, but you will realize quickly how intuitive they actually are. Magbot cannot actually jump, so it is dependent on its magnetic abilities to push and pull itself using the appropriate polarity.

Controls are moving with the left stick, 360 aiming with the right stick, and blue and red magnetism are subject to the Left and Right triggers. It doesn’t seem so complicated when you look at it like that, but execution is a challenge and can even be a bit mind-boggling. Thankfully, stages are short and sweet, so not a whole lot is demanded of you as you traverse through the [mostly] one-screen stages.

Learning to use your polarities correctly does take some figuring out, and the puzzles within the stages, particularly in the later ones, are truly unique and lots of fun. Each planet also has its own theme that brings its own challenges, like slippery ice, hot lava, and those forever pesky lasers.

super magbot

As each planet has its own theme, so do they have their own bosses, which are genuinely the highlights of the game. The bosses are a nice mix of styles, whether that be a Super Meat Boy-like chase scene or a more traditional dodge-and-weave as you find the right way to damage them using your magnetic powers. It is only unfortunate that there are just a handful of bosses among the 100+ levels in the game, but they are an absolute blast.

Stages are also sprinkled with 2 star fragments to collect en route to gaining the planet fragment at the end. Collecting only one grants you nothing, as you need to collect both in order to get a whole star piece. It is important to gain these, because collecting 130 pairs throughout the game unlocks a new area. You may be doing the math in your head there and wondering, “How can you collect 130 pairs in a game with 100+ levels?” Well, that’s because you unlock the broken version of planets after you clear them, which offers more stages with more star fragments. The only problem is that these broken stages are WAY harder, so they will require a bit more grit that the main stages.

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These broken stages are not necessary to beat the game, but they are a wonderful addition and add a whole lot more.

One of the early broken stages from the first planet

You are also only equipped with two polarity charges on both sides, which you would think is plenty, but there are moments in the game where you need to rethink your strategy, as certain puzzles expect you to use the opposite charge to pull yourself up instead of repelling yourself up.

Overall, Super Magbot is a fantastic platformer with some of the most unique and intuitive controls I have ever played. The magnet gimmick takes some getting used to but feels great, and clearing stages, especially boss ones, elicits a joy unlike most games. The soundtrack is really good, and the animation and graphics are pixelated goodness, especially everything about Magbot.

There is a lot of game here and not a whole lot to be disappointed in. If you are looking for something fresh to play over a week or two, Super Magbot is perfectly priced, offers a ton, and it looks and sounds good in the process. It may be a bit difficult, but this magnet is Neodymium and it really sticks.

Super Magbot Review provided by Nintendo Link
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Astral Pixel
Release Date: June 22, 2021
Price: $19.99£14.99€17,99
Game Size: 358 MB

super magbot

Excellent platformer with unique mechanic

Top-tier boss fights

Magbot is charming and awesome

Great soundtrack


Learning curve is rather high

Very difficult, especially later stages

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